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Pawa India took Action on family for animal cruelty, Family came back with revenge abused pawa india members & hit stray dogs, again land in Jail for 3 days

On 26th February, 2015  Ms. Lata Parmar, Pawa india member was out of home for her work her mother Mrs. Usha Parmar was at her home talking with her neighbor Mrs. Maniben Chunnilal Chedda who had come to show her accessories and sarees in noon. All of sudden , a lady named Mrs. Sangeeta Saroj came aggressively and started hitting a stray dog with sandals/ chappal and tried to do it multiple times. 

Mrs.Usha Parmar heard the cry of the stray so she went and asked the lady that why she hit the dog. The lady started abusing Usha Parmar and later on with the help of Mrs. Laxmi Harish Ahir, Mrs. Dimple Visanji Gala, Mr. Harish Ahir and Mrs. Vaneeta Ramesh Mistry collected the mob and other abusers for criminal intimidation and attempted to hurt Usha parmar’s family.  Sangeeta Saroj forcefully kicked the door and forcefully entered the house and assaulted and hit Usha parmar brutally and even robbed her gold bracelet of 1 tola in the process of abuse. She threatened Usha parmar to kill her family and her dogs too. Dr. Mukesh Parmar, son of Usha Parmar was sleeping upstairs came down after listening the aggression and abuse of mob s and when he saw sangeeta saroj, he asked her to move out of the home. Sangeeta again reentered the home and again started to hit Usha Parmar. When Mukesh strictly warned her to move out of the home, the mob present outside started 
threatening to kill Parmar family and to burn the house.

Mobs were even holding dangerous weapons for wrongful intentions. As the CCTV footage shows that the stray dog was sleeping silently and it was sangeeta who started hitting him multiple times and even assaulted forcefully. This whole scenario was pre-planned by Sangeeta saroj, Laxmi ahir, Harish Ahir, Dimple Gala and Vaneeta Mistry. As Pawa India had filed an Animal cruelty case against Laxmi ahir on 12th Feb,2015 under Maharashtra Police Act for hitting dog , the group aimed to take revenge and implemented their plan and revenge on 26th February,2015.

 Before executing the plan, they were regularly going to Jogeshwari East Police Station and were asking police to file a case against Lata Parmar for keeping dogs. Since having a pet is not a crime, they were rejected by Police station. At the time of incident of 26th February, Usha parmar called Lata, Salim(PAWA President) and even police control room 103 for help. Police arrived at the call but found it difficult to control the mob. Since most of the mobs were ladies, the police found it hesitating to control them. Finally , the Parmar family went to police station . 

Salim also arrived at jogeshwari east police station. There were around more than 50 people in police station and were shouting at police and were asking police to take action against Lata Parmar because her dogs had bitten them. The CCTV shows no event that shows Lata’s dog biting sangeeta saroj or any other member of the mob. Police did medical examination of sangeeta and reports were submitted that showed scratch marks and not any dog bite. We were not aware of any scratch mark or scratches on her body, so police filed FIR against Parmar family for showing irresponsibility of  dogs. Since the mob was present , the police was under pressure . The FIR registered was false and fake. Salim tried to explain to police and mob but situation was out of control because they were only in the mode to attack. Salim called Adv. Reena Rowlland, High court lawyer who arrived in police station. She explained the details of the case and asked police to register FIR against Sangeeta and the mob but the day was bad , we left police station only with the application . 
We realized that Jogeshwari East Police station is under pressure because of the mob. We had approach higher authorities and Respected ACP along with the CCTV evidence and explained them how the incidents overpower Parmar family. Salim explained ACP that 

“MAJORITY IS NOT THE AUTHORITY ” . Law is been broken by the mob and it really upset Parmar family. We requested the authority to take the matter personally and to take action against the mob. After few days, We got a call from Jogeshwari Police station for giving statements. Statements were taken of Parmar family and sent to police advocate for their views for IPC sections. 

Finally on 21st March 2015, Salim got a call from Police inspector Narayan Dhane from Jogeshwari East police station and informed us that an FIR has been registered against Mrs. Sangeeta Saroj, Mrs. Laxmi Harish Ahir, Mr. Harish Ahir, Mrs. Dimple Visanji Gala And Mrs. Vaneeta Ramesh Mistry under IPC section 143, 144, 147, 148, 149, 452, 323, 504, 506, 427, Animal Cruelty Act PCA 11. 

The Indian Penal Code  Section says 

IPC 143 - unlawful assembly, IPC 144 - 144. Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapon, 147. Punishment for rioting, 148. Rioting, armed with deadly weapon, 149. Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence commit­ted in prosecution of common object,  452. House-trespass after preparation for hurt, assault or wrongful restraint, 323. Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt, 427. Mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees, Animal Cruelty Act PCA 11, 504. Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace & 506. Punishment for criminal intimidation

Salim along with Parmar family went to police station to receive the copy of FIR. Police investigation is in process and soon arrest will take place were the words of Inspector Narayan Dhane.

After a prolong wait, finally Police made an arrest of accused for animal cruelty and the other crime on Saturday 4th April, 2015 and presented  Hari Ahir,  Lakshmi Ahir, Dimple Gala and Sangita saroj in Andheri East Court where the Judge read the fir, and said that animal cruelty has taken place with other crime, accused advocate put his arguments that the dog barks which is not good, Judge in a second announce that sent all the accused to Police custody (JAIL)  for 3 days and rejected their bail, out of 5 accused, 4 accused were arrested, Mrs. Vaneeta Ramesh Mistry  was not present at home so she missed it. 

But again on April 6 Mrs. Vaneeta Ramesh Mistry  was arrested by police.  

Salim came to court with Parmar family and made a smooth procedure for bail through advocate for Lata Parmar and Usha parmar  & they got easy bail from judge. 

Now we are waiting for the ahead court hearing and procedure. Through out the procedure, Lata Parmar, Usha parmar and Salim charania were always there standing strong with a strong faith in Indian Laws.

Dear Animal activists and Animal lovers, never ever get afraid of mobs of  society or chawl people. Justice will be imparted to the victim. Trust yourself , be confident, do not get afraid of mob. Indian Laws are very strict and supportive and this is the best country for women and her safety. The IPC section guards them from harassment and abuse.

PAWA India and Police were only able to help Parmar family because Parmar Family took a strong stand against this brutal assault. Without their strong will power, the FIR would not have been registered nor the arrest would have been made.

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