Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Shocking footage shows, Dog run over by car in front of police, and police just keep watching the incident, did not catch the culprit: Pawa India later FIR filed in Bandra Hill Road police Station. Mumbai

On Sunday, an animal lover from Beach view society in Bandra west called Salim Charania regarding his society’s stray dog who was hit and run over by a Hyundai Verna car on Saturday 11 April,2015 at around 11.30 at night. This whole incident was captured in Society’s CCTV footage where even the Chambai Police beat marshalls were present, they saw the car which came over the dog but did not executed its duties towards the dog , the culprit and Indian legal system. Through CCTV footage, Arbaaz an animal lover from the same society got the information of the case. He arranged for an ambulance on Sunday early morning and kept the dog in freezer in BSPCA. 

On Monday Salim and Lata went on the spot and collected the evidences, went to Bandra Hill road police station around 11 morning and finally lodge an FIR under section 429, 279 and PCA 11A , which was followed with a Panchnama that was done and  Post mortem in BSPCA hospital. The CCTV evidence is submitted with the statement. Through Doctors, we got to know that the dog died when the car came over the dog brutally and then died in few seconds by collapsing due to internal blood veins rupture, multiple fracture and shock. This was the first case regarding animal cruelty that was lodge in Bandra Police station. With a very good coordination of Bandra police & BSPCA doctors, we were successful in filing the FIR. 

The most shocking fact in the whole incident was that the crime took place in front of police who were the witness to the incident. When Salim spoke to the beat marshall post-incident and asked for an explanation for his irresponsibility, the pathetic reply of the police was that “the dog was coming to bite me so I could not do anything. If the car drove over the dog and the culprit ran away, what we can do?” If Mumbai police gives such reply, where a common man will go to seek justice and protection. The sheer lie that dog was coming to bite him was unexpected reply as the dog struggled to come out from under the car and died in few seconds. This insensitivity of Mumbai Police towards animals clearly gives a sad picture towards animals and animal’s laws in our city, but not all Mumbai police are equal, because of such irresponsible police, the police gets a bad name. 

We will also file case against the police man for his negligence and discharging his duties.

The culprit will be arrested soon, investigation is in process. 


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