Sunday, 26 April 2015

Teasing, Making fun by kicking dog lands up man in jail and fined – Powai Mumbai.

On 25th April 2015, Mr.Salim Charania (President Of PAWA) received a call from Shvetz Mulik that when her pet dog was taken for a walk by dog walker, a car driver named Anil was teasing and making fun of dog , the dog barked at him and the walker moved the dog ahead, then all of sudden Anil kicked the dog from the back. The walker then called Shvetz . She came and confronted Anil about his behaviour towards the dog .

Locals who had witnessed cruelty to the animal and thrashed him for this, but Shvetz was not satisfied with the thrashing, she decided that this case should be taken ahead legally, so she called up Salim and asked him to come and file a case against the driver.

Salim with his staff (Arbaaz shaikh) rushed to spot in anti animal cruelty van from Mira Road to Powai in 45 mins. The accused Anil was taken to Powai police station, Salim explained to the lady duty officer about the animal cruelty act and the accused was booked under Maharashtra police act 119 – LAC NO. 553/15 police made him to pay RS 2500.

People should respect animals & treat them with love and care, as they have got same feelings like us.  

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