Wednesday, 20 May 2015

2 Accused booked for animal cruelty at Dahisar and Borivali police station

On 19th May 2015 at midnight, Salim Charania (President of PAWA India)  received 2 distress calls of animal cruelty from Dahisar and Borivali. 

1. Dahisar Police Station Case 00:10 AM : Ms. Tanvi Mallya and Madhvi informed Salim about a person named Abhishek Chauhan that he is hitting dog with cricket bat and he has earlier record of animal cruelty in his area, Salim and his staff (Arbaaz Shaikh) reached the spot in 15 minutes and investigated the case. The dog was in trauma and shock due to being brutally hit by Abhishek. Salim called the police and took Abhishek and his family from his residence to Dahisar police station. 

The API (Assistant Police Inspector) took charge of animal cruelty case, Salim and Madhvi explained to him about Abhishek's current animal cruelty act as well as similar past acts.

Inspector and other police officials gave Abhishek a good taste of his own medicine and was booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 and was fined of RS 2,500 bearing LAC NO 4496. 

2. MHB Police Station Case 2:00 AM : Ms. Steffi and Beena gave a call to Salim and informed him that Ms. Beena herself has witnessed the incident that a person named Atul knocked down the dog with his car while entering his society - Beena stopped him and argued with him about his cruelty, to which Atul replied "if you love dogs, take the dogs to your home" and spoke rudely with her and went to his apartment.

Salim & his staff (Arbaaz Shaikh) reached the spot in Borivali, investigated the case  and called the police. The accused Atul was taken to MHB police station. Mr. Basant & Lastin the local animal feeder also joined them at the police station.

Salim explained to the duty officer about the incident, but Atul denied the charges against him. Atul was booked under Maharashtra police act 119 with LAC NO. 2003 & paid the fine of Rs 2,500. Atul has an option to go to court for the charges framed against him, while the complainer is also ready to prove the incident.

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