Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pawa India Booked Human Ambulance Emergency 108 driver for Rash driving & Animal Cruelty

On 12th May 2015, Salim Charania (President of Pawa) received a call from Sanam Motwani Manchanda  &  Christina Lobo Jha (animal activist) that the dog was hit by an ambulance service 108, and the dog is badly injured, the incident occurred on 11th May at 12:30 am (midnight), in Sidharth Nagar Borivali East, the ambulance belonging to the Government Hospital in same area. 

Sanam went to the hospital and asked the driver about his brutal act. The driver was arrogant, Sanam learned that there was no emergency during the hit-and-run case, that it was rash driving and negligence; the dog was knocked down and badly injured by driver, while the driver did not bother to stop the vehicle or take the dog to hospital in his ambulance. Sanam warned the driver that there are laws for animal cruelty & rash driving, we can call police and take action against you, the driver replied : "Call police or whomever you want". Sanam got upset and with the help of Christina & Harsh of Bird Help Line, the dog was treated, doctor certified that the dog had sustained multiple injuries & had a swelling near his leg.

Salim with his staff (Arbaaz) & Sanam went to Kasturba Marg Police Station in Borivali and after getting cops as backup, went to the Government Hospital in their Anti-Cruelty Van & nabbed the accused. The accused (Santosh Shirke) was brought to the Police station, Salim explained to Police about Animal Cruelty Act sections and the accused was quickly booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 & 184 act under Motor Vehicle Act (Lac No : 1151 & receipt no: 0056124) where he paid a fine of Rs. 4,500 and he has to be present in court tomorrow for the hearing.

The accused apologised to Sanam & Salim, but Salim was firm in his decision & will not let off any accused found of animal cruelty. 

The Police congratulated Salim for his action against the animal cruelty and said that for humans we take daily complaints, but for animal cruelty we get no cases because of illiteracy of animal cruelty in our society, once again thanks for helping & giving justice to Animals. 

The Police were supportive and made us feel that they too are animal lovers. We are grateful to Mumbai Police for this. 

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