Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Stray Dog Beaten with Stick for taking shelter near Chinese Shop, Fir Registered : Mira Road- Kanakya Police Station

On 24th June 2015, Salim Charania (president of Pawa India) received a call from the Pawa member : Rajdeep Desai & the local animal feeder  that they have witnessed the incident while feeding animals about a accused named Ravindra Gopal Pawar had hit the stray dog with stick, the reason to hit the dog was that the dog was taking shelter under the roof of the Chinese Fast Food Shop during rain, He had before also committed the crime of performing animal cruelty, but the incident was not reported to Pawa India. So this time he again dares to hit animals.

Salim, Rajdeep with local animal lover reached Kanakya Mira Road Police Station with the accused Ravindra, Salim told Ravindra that "never ever try to hit animals, animals are weaker and innocent, they don't fight back so don't take advantage of it, If you want to show your dare & Strength, show me, fight with me, because you will definitely get a memorable reply.

Duty Inspector fired him for his crime and the Fir is registered in the name of Salim, under section Maharashtra Police Act 119, which says Fine of Rs 2500 or 1 Month Prison or Both, on 25th June 2015, Salim with police will carried out panchnama and the witness statement, which will be followed by arrest and the accused will be presented to the court for his crime. 

Never ever let go any animal abuser for the first time or by giving warning, register the case against him in the police station to reduce crime of animal cruelty. In the above case, it was ignored for the first time with warning so he dared again to hit animals.



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  1. Well done pawaindia Organisation. I appreciate.

    Is there anyone working for animals in Ahmedabad?


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