Thursday, 30 July 2015

2 Fir registered in 1 day for animal cruelty in Ratnatej Tower (Thane) Kasar Vadavli Police Station - Mumbai

On 30th July afternoon Salim Charania (president of Pawa India) received a call from Mrs. Vandana Sharma (Principle of a School in Thane & member of Pawa India) she informed him about the animal cruelty taking place regularly in her Society named (Ratnatej tower) in Thane, there were 2 animal cruelty cases recently which occurred in her society.


On 28th July 2015, accused Jayesh Soni was on the rush to drop their children to school, the dog was below the car, he was so much in hurry that he did not bother to check below the car before driving, Regional Transport & Traffic Law says that always check below the vehicle before you drive and in every driving training school, this lesson is taught.

He run over the dog brutally, the dog made a loud cry, the cry was so loud that it can be heard 1 km away, but the accused ignored the dog's pain and cry and drove their kids to school as he prefers his first priority. He came after 15 minutes again back to the society after dropping his kids to school and enquired about the dog to the society people whether the dog died or not and went home with no remorse.

He did not bothered to take the dog to the near by hospital which was just 3 km away from his home, he did not stop his vehicle to check the dog, he escape the spot without bothering the life of innocent dog. 

Salim reached the spot and collected the evidence from the society and has filed an Fir in Kasar Vadavli Police Station (CCTV as an evidence) Under IPC 429 and 279 The punishment for the mentioned section is Prision up to 5 years six month or fine or both, the accused will be arrested soon. Pawa India will not tolerate any animal cruelty and will see to it that the animal abuser gets maximum punishment and will take a strong stand in court.

FIr Copy

Case 2 (Stray dogs get hit by stick, Senior Citizen booked for Animal Cruelty)  


On 30th July 2015, Mrs. Vanadana Sharma also complaint about her neighbour that the accused Senior Citizen always troubles the stray dogs by putting phenol on the dog and hitting with sticks to the dog on regularly basis, after repeated request to her by Mrs. Vandana, she threatened her that do whatever you want, I will keep on hitting dogs.

Salim also filed an FIR  against her at  Kasar Vadavli Police Station -  Mumbai, under PCA ACT Fir No. 50/15, she will be presented to the court soon by Police for her brutal act   



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