Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dog run over by driver : Pawa India team chase the driver n caught him near Haji Ali, Driver arrested

On 13th July 2015, Tanuja Shreenath & Vijendra Gairola residents of Rewa Building near Haji Ali & Mahalaxmi Temple gave a call to Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) that in their society one driver named Bhaloh Yadav (Accused) run over the car on dog while coming out of the society, it was broad day light when the incident happened, at the time of incident the owner of car was in the car and by profession he is a doctor, but he has a hearing issue, so he did not heard the cry of dog, the watchman was trying to stop the car before he run over the dog, the dog was left in brutal pain in the middle of the road, Tanuja came to know about the incident, she took the injured  dog to BSPCA, the doctors their certify the fracture in the hind leg, the treatment is in process.

On the above base incident, Salim decided to catch the driver, on 14th July, Salim & Lata Parmar member of Pawa India reached the spot at 4 pm & Tanuja join them in their operation, after waiting of 1 hour the accused was identified with the car, Pawa India team chased the car in their Animal Anti Cruelty Van  and caught hold of him near Haji Ali, the accused was taken to Gamdevi Police Station, Later Vijendra also join them in to the police station & with the help of Duty Officer PSI Dinkar Kadam, he was arrested and the Fir was registered Under IPC 429, IPC 279 and PCA Act Section 11 A, No body came to the police station to give him bail, so he remained in Police custody and will be taken to court next day for further legal procedure.

We Salute & Respect PSI Dinkar Kadam for the full support to us

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  1. Thanks you for taking prompt actions Salim and PAWA India.


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