Friday, 17 July 2015

Fear of getting arrest and Jail term : abandon kittens are back with lactating mother : Bhavans Campus, Andheri : Mumbai

On 9th July 2015, late night, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a call from Aban Mistry that she got a complaint from the animal activist staying in Bhavans campus Andheri (west) about her neighbouring lady accused Pramila Kishan Gyani who works in Laundry Department that she had abandon the 2 kittens in to unknown place, separated from mother and left to die.

Salim Charania with Pawa Member Lata Parmar and other animal activist : Vaishali Parab, Aban Mistry, Naseem & Sanjeev Chopra reached the spot, Salim called the police and went to the accused house to investigate the case at 12 Midnight, an accused Pramila confessed the crime of relocating the kittens and showed us the place where she had abandon the kittens, the search operation was carried out, but could not find the kittens, Salim warned her that get the kittens back in 1 hr or we will register Fir against her, and left the place with the team to D.N. Nagar Police Station, Salim waited for the accused to get the kittens back for almost 1 hr, but she failed to get it. 

With the Help of duty Officer PSI Mahapure, An Fir was registered against her under IPC 429 and PCA Act Section 11, next day police official went to the accused house to arrest her, and were taken to police station for further investigation and arrest procedure, the accused family started searching for the kittens and luckily the kittens were found in dehydrate condition, Currently the kittens are with her mother. Since the FIr is registered against her, it can't be roll back, but the fact is that there was a cruelty towards animals, Salim wrote his statement on Stamp Paper and requested Duty Officer and Senior Officer to change the IPC SECTION from 429 to Maharashtra Polica Act 119, Fine up to RS 2500 or Jail term up to 1 Month,  Which was happily received by PSI Mahapore and congratulated us for the prompt action which resulted to get the kittens back.

Animal Cruelty are repeatedly  happening in Bhavans Campus, this time we have taken action against the accused  

There should be prompt action taken against the case of relocation of animals, One legal move can get the animals back in to its territory and the life can be saved from brutal killing, thrust and hunger. 



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