Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mumbai Alert : Dog Walker, Breeder & Trainer brutally Slapped dog twice on face & hit the dog with belt, Case registered : Charkop Police Station

On 1st July 2015, Late evening  Gargi Gogoi an Animal activist and resident of Charkop sector 8, observed that a person named Jay Suresh Vanne was taking 2 dogs (lab & beagle) for a walk from his two seperate client, the dog beagle was on a leash and the lab dog was without leash, Jay was taking these dogs for a walk on a street which is very busy in the evening with Best Buses, Cars and Bike race, he did not realise that the lab dog has stop walking and the lab dog came in to the middle of the road, the cars and buses slow down their vehicle to avoid accident, all this incident was witnessed by Gargi from her resident's balcony, she shouted Jay for his negligence, Jay came back and the put the dog on leash and slapped very hard twice on the face and hit the dog with leash badly. Seeing this gargi rushed down and asked him why did he hit the dog, he replied "it's OK to hit but I have not murdered, who are you to asked me, it's my dog I will hit it as much as I want" then he threatened to call some unknown person named Joseph, the argument went on.........

She gave call to Salim Charania (President of Pawa) and made him to speak with him, he was still showing his rude attitude on phone with Salim, when he was trying to explain him about the animal cruelty, Salim asked him to handover the phone to Gargi, and asked Gargi to hold him, Salim rushed to the spot in 25 Minutes in his Animal Anti Cruelty Van from Mira road to Charkop and drag Jay by his collar to the near Police Station (Charkop) and was booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 (Fine of Rs 2500), Lac (Case) No : 1610 the duty officer PSI Sachin Ashok Lokhande cooperated Salim and gave hard warning to the accused that if found again ill treating animals, you will get taste of his own medicine.  

The owners of the dogs were called and were handed over the dog to them and informed about the cruel act of the Jay which they had hired him for walking and training the dog. The owners were upset with Jay.

We request you all the animal lover, Please leave your dog for foster or training or walking to the trust worthy person, behind you this unprofessional and animal abuser in the name of animal lover can stab back. Report us about such trainer who performs animal cruelty in the name of  training             

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