Monday, 20 July 2015

One bucket of water poured on dog and other violence towards community dog : Case registered : Malad Police Station (Mumbai) Eid Day

On 18th July 2015, Mr. Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) was busy celebrating Eid Day, received a call from Mr. Aslam Vohra that in his society Ganga CHSL, next to Zenith Hospital in Malad link Road, Cruelty toward on animals often takes place in the society, sometimes hitting dogs with stones, stick and sometimes torturing animals by poring water on dogs, on one occasion accused name :Simon Peraira poured a bucket of water on the sleeping dog on the ground floor from his top floor flat.   

Salim with his volunteer (Lata Parmar, Nicki Chatbar) reached Malad Police Station with Aslam and got the cops backup with them. The team with police in Animal Anti Cruelty Van went to the accused flat and got the accused to the Malad Police Station and booked him for Maharashtra Police Act 119 (Lac No. 3232) where he paid a fine of Rs 2500/-, to his support the society people gathered at the police station to take support of the accused, but again Majority is not the Authority, whatever crime falls under Indian law has to be implemented. 

It was must to book accused for animal cruelty in Aslam's society to stop the further cruelty on animals.

The Police takes cases of animal cruelty seriously, and helped us to do join operation to curb animal cruelty cases. Once again salute to Mumbai Police 

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