Sunday, 26 July 2015

Society people tried to protect the animal abuser security man, but failed, Case registered : Sakinaka Police Station, Chandivali (Mumbai)

On 25th July 2015, Salim Charania received a complaint by email and on phone by few good animal activists (Lavita Powell, Anjali Dawar, Mona Ahluwalia & Arnav Roy) - Members of Nahar Pet Club of Mimosa & Mirabilis tower in Chandivali near Nahar International School. Salim with Lata & Nicky went to the society with police to get the security person to the police station for hitting and chasing the dogs out of the society. The watchman disappear as soon as we reach and we demanded the security in-charge to get him to us, in the Meanwhile the society people gathered in mob and started arguing with us, and were provoking us by telling us "Take the dogs at your home and we will hit it", On hearing this the situation got tensed and the verbal fight took place between society people with Salim and Lata, where Pawa Team were enough to tackle them and were ready to accept every challenge in whatever way they want to fight.

Salim & Lata demanded society people to hit the dog in front of them, but they got silent and more few ladies from the society came down to fight with us. Finally the animal abuser named Sanjay Haldar arrived back to the society and were taken to Police Station, there he was booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 (Lac No. 894/15) with a fine of Rs 2500/-  

As per investigation on this case it seems that the security man are targeted by Society people to hit and chase the dog away, if they fails to do that certain amount will be deducted from their salary.  The Nahar Pet Club - Members are facing harassment from the society since many years regarding animal cruelty, The awareness of Law Papers and the notice were sent before also to the society, so that they can be educated and stop the crime related to animals. The Society dogs are 99 percent sterilised and vaccinated by the Pet Club members with the help of IDA, even after controlling population of dogs in the society,  Still the dogs are chased away and on several occasion they were brutally hit, few dogs died because of the society's cruelty towards animals. 

Pawa India team will never ever get afraid or of any society people or to anyone whoever abuses animals. They will be booked under Indian Judicial System and Law as per their crime.  

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