Thursday, 20 August 2015

Innocent kittens thrown out of society & left on road to die : Fir registered : Kidwai Nagar Police Station : Sewri (Mumbai)

On 18th August 2015, a call was made to Salim Charania (president of Pawa India) by an animal activist named Miss. Dhanwati : She complained to him that in her residential society named Gyaneshwar Nagar building, three little kittens were thrown from the top of the society gate on road and left it to die, this cruel act was done by security guard named Ibrahim Shaikh where he followed the instruction given by another accused named Prakash Jadhav. Dhanwati witness the incident and rescued the kitten back to the society, seeing this Prakash Jadhav came down from his residential flat and fought with her that why the kittens are back to the society, verbal argument took place between them, then she contacted Gudisha of Ida in which Gudisha madam shared Pawa India Contact Information. Gudisha Madam also attended the society to check the condition of kittens.  

Salim & Core Member of Pawa India - Lata Parmar reached the spot in their anti animal cruelty van in 1 hour covering 60 km from Mira Road to Sewri and called the police control room, The team of 7 police officer reached the spot, both the accused were picked up from the society and were brought to Police Station. The accused Prakash Jadav replied to his cruel act to Salim in Police Station that there was a reason behind throwing the kittens out of the society, The kittens were repeatedly entering in to his bonut of the car and he was in fear that the kittens would die in his car, so if it happens he has to prepare a golden statue of cat and submit it to God.

When Salim asked him the question that ok, You did this but the kittens were thrown on road, the road was too narrow and rash driving and accidents are common in that lane, what if the kittens die there ?, he replied that if kittens are on the road is  non of his business, he just want to be away from his sin.

Salim got upset with his shocking statement which was fully filled up with blind faith and superstition. Three Police officer (Police Sub Inspector : Pravin Kalunkeh, Assistant Police Inspector Bavan Pathare & Police Inspector Mr. Nale) sat with Pawa India team and understood the case. The accused Prakash Jadhav apologise to Pawa India team & the complainer Dhanwati for the act and pleaded to let off the case.

Salim drop the charges of Indecency towards lady complainer that is Maharashtra Police act 110, but Filed the Fir for Animal Cruelty that is Maharashtra Police Act 119, Jail term up to 1 month or fine of Rs 2500 on both the accused. Police has given notice to both the accused to stand in the court within 2 days of time for their hearing. Pawa India cannot forgive anyone for animal cruelty. 

With the good support of Pawa India & Police team, kittens were given justice and are back with Mother Cat.   

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