Saturday, 8 August 2015

MIDC Police Officer & Pawa India team gets together to search the accused of hit & run case : Accused arrested

On 30th April 2015 around 7 am, a School bus driver of Podar School, was rash driving in the busy street area of Andheri East. Local animal lover witnessed the incident that the bus driver ran the bus over a dog named Sheru, killing the dog instantly. The driver ran away from the spot, with no remorse and left the dog to die.

Local people tried to stop him, but he sped the bus and ran away.

Pawa India Team filed an Fir against the accused Sandeep under IPC 429, IPC 279 & PCA Act Section 11 A. 

Since then the accused is on the run, he left the school and started working in to unknown company, the investigation officer managed to get his contact number and asked him several times to come to police station, but he keeps on giving excuses that he is not in Mumbai. Through RTI filed by Pawa India, the reply came that investigation is still in process, So Salim Charania (President of Pawa India)  & Lata decided to get the accused to arrest and has little idea about his location. They met Sr. PI of MIDC Police Station (Rajaram Mandge) and discussed the case. 

On 7th August 2015, Two Police officer from the detection department Joined Pawa India Team (Salim, Lata & Pooja) to search the accused, The search began from Podar School Powai and ended up at accused house in Andheri near Takshila. After few attempts of enquiry and his search, finally the accused is arrested in MIDC POLICE STATION. 

The Charge-sheet will be filed in 2 weeks times and it will be followed with the further proceeding of court. Pawa India will see to it that they are not only to file FIR, but will also keep their follow-up and Justice towards animals until the accused turns to convict & Culprit by the court. 

Mumbai Police & Pawa India team plays a great role in giving justice to animals and stops animal cruelty, Jai Hind.  

Times of India (Sunday times)
9th August 2015

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