Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pawa India filed Fir of IPC 429 Sec. against the adopted pet owner for brutal animal cruelty : Charkop Police Station : Mumbai

On 27th August 2015, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a call from Mr. & Mrs. Iyer (the area of charkop sector 2, near st. marry high school) that  they and their neighbour Solanki Family have witnessed the brutal scene of accused Sanjay Verma hitting his pet dog named princes with sticks and hanging him with a chain through his neck where the prince was facing difficulty for taking breath, he had also lifted prince with tail up in the air multiple times and started hitting it with belt & sticks too, he was yelling at dog that why did you pee on my kids bed, hearing this incident Salim reached the spot with his activist Lata Parmar and investigated the case, through investigation it was revelled that few more neighbours also reports to Salim that he is a repeated offender of beating stray dogs in the locality. The accused carry a bad history in the area and few neighbours were afraid of him too. Salim & Lata called the police and knocked the accused door, and asked him did you hit your pet dog, he replied "yes I hit it so what ? ", Salim asked him that he wanted to see his dog, he got the dog and observed that the dog was limping and was in pain, Salim shouted the accused that come to the police station now with the dog, he took the accused and the dog in Animal Anti cruelty Van and reached charkop police station with the witness. Salim fired him for his brutal act and snatched the prince the dog from him and took in to his custody. 

Sanjay the accused adopted the prince from an animal activist (Poonam Gidwani) through adoption procedure & the house check was done too, the prince was given to him in good faith but the accused Sanjay Verma has a dual personality which was hidden during adoption.  The duty officer PSI : Bedse was explained about the incident, since the dog needs an urgent care and medical attention, A Police Diary was prepared with the Pawa India, accused and witnessed details, Salim said to the officer that he will return soon with Medical Certificate and X-Ray report  on the basis of that the IPC Section can be used, Gargi Gogoi an animal activist took the dog to Dr. Dave for medical examination where the reports comes out with shocking results, the Hind leg bone was dislocated and needs an emergency medical surgery, the Original Pet owner (Radhika from Vashi) was informed about the incident, she was shocked too about the ill-treatment done to his pet.

On 29th August 2015, Salim & Lata reached Charkop Police Station with medical evidence and the Fir was registered against him under IPC section 429 (prison up to 5 years or fine or both) and the PCA Act Section 11. The accused Sanjay Verma was called to the police station for further action on him.

Pawa India & Mr. & Mrs. Iyer who helped the dog for foster handed over the dog to the pet owner Radhika, she took the prince with her to her residence in Vashi for further treatment and care.  

Conclusion : Adoption should be followed properly where besides house check, the pet parents personality and nature towards animals should be checked from neighbours and from other sources too. Accused Sanjay Verma adopted the dog for his kids to play as an toy. So he treated princes as a toy with broken legs.  Animal Activist usually see the pet parents home  and family where it may be large but from the heart sometimes it is very small. Don't give away your pets to any person without making 100 percent verification. 

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