Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Retired Thane Municipal Corporation officer & Society people Caught in the act of Animal Cruelty : Case Registered : Kasarwadavli Police Station

On 3rd August 2015 late evening, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a call from unknown person about the animal cruelty taken place in the Bhramand Phase 8 of thane , that the small puppy of a dog is dislocated using gunny bag to unknown place by society people and he has the evidence of it which came to him through whatsapp Viral video, Salim received the video on whatsapp and tried contacting to the caller for the complete address but the caller did not responded and replied to Salim and was not showing further interest to file a case. 

Salim with Lata Parmar (Core member of Pawa India) rushed to the place in Animal Anti Cruelty Van and tried locating the address & the Spot through the video, after 1 hour of efforts, they succeed in getting the location which came to be Bhramand Phase 8 - Building No. 5 covering a complex of more than 15 Buildings Approx, Salim & his team started investigating the case through security and the few Good Samaritans of the society people, where the Accused information came into Pawa India Team knowledge. 

Accused 1. Rajaram S. Parab
Accused 2 : Deepak Wagmare (Retired Thane Municipal Corporation Officer) 
Accused 3 : Society man unknown seen in above video using his Activa Bike No. MH04 - DA 5154 to dislocate the puppy
Accused 4: Gardener working in the day time 

An unknown lady tried to stop them from dislocating the dog, but the above accused were too cruel and did not hear to her or to the puppy cry. 

Few local boys gathered and searched the dog and brought back to the Society after few hours of search, Now there was a turn for Pawa India to Expose the ugly & cruel act of the above accused, Salim gathered all the relevant information of the accused and with the video evidence reached at KasarWadavli Police Station. 

The case was registered under Various Prevention of cruelty to animals act of section 11 - (A) (D) (E) and (I) which includes torturing, confining, using transport and abandoning animals. Case No. 737 /15

Pawa India team and advocates will soon move to Thane Court No. 2 for further action against the above accused. 


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