Wednesday, 30 September 2015

4 Youth booked for Animal Cruelty, One identified : Moinuddin Shaikh : Fir registered, Vakola Police Station, Mumbai

on 26th September 2015, around 11 pm at night, Melissa Machado an animal lover was on her way to home in auto rikshaw, when she heard the dog howling & crying continuously in pain, she saw that 4 unknown youth were hitting stray female dog with bamboo sticks and were kicking brutally near Pride of Colony building, Vakola, the dog was tied with a hard rope from neck to hind leg so that the dog does not run away, See in picture, the dog could not bear the pain and were struggling hard to escape from these youth brutality.
Melissa could not stop herself and jump out of Auto and stopped these coward youths who were on the mission to kill the dog, heated argument took place between them and the locals gathered including women and gave an escape way to Moinuddin Shaikh urf Guddu to run away with his friend, all the 4 accused run away from the spot, and the locals supported them, instead of stopping them to kill dog, they supported criminals.  

Melissa called up Salim Charania president of Pawa india and explained the incident occurred, Salim reached at Vakola Police Station in 45 minutes from Mira Road and took the Cops with him to the spot. Melissa friend Mr. Dean Gregory Dsouza also join them for the case. 

Salim managed to removed the ropes tied to the dog and free the dog from the brutal trap.  

Salim with police investigated with locals and found the address of the accused Moinuddin Shaikh and knocked the door. The family of the accused told that he went to Ambarnath to meet his friend and were hiding him and were hesitating to mention his exact whereabouts. Police and Salim asked them to call him and present in to police station at the earliest, accused failed to present himself in to police station by giving false excuses, finally at 6 am, Salim, PSI Sawant Police Sub Inspector  and the complainer again reached his address to find him, but he was still absconding, Finally the FIR was registered against him and his 3 unknown friends under Maharashtra Police Act 119.

Police is still searching him and his location by surprise visiting his home, but he is still absconding, Police has asked his family to surrender him to the police station. 

From the unknown source we have come to know that the accused want to fly to Gulf Country for his Job, but because of the Fir filed against him, it will make difficult for him to get the Police No Objection Certificate. The family is looking for the settlement of the case.

Pawa India will soon update the Action and Steps taken against the accused. It brings a Shame to today's youth generation who are indulged in criminal activity which starts from animal cruelty. Stopping animal cruelty is to save humanity and also to stop these youth who may dare more to harm any living beings in future.

Melissa is taking care of medical of the stray female dog. 


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