Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hospital Staff used the bamboo stick to hit the defenceless 1 month old Puppy : Case register : Malad Police Station : Mumbai

On 1st Septmber 2015, Salim Charania received a call from the animal lover (Carrie Cason & Lenny Joseph Cason) resident of Marve Road, Orlem, Anthsil building, Bank of India, Malad.  she complained to him that her grandfather had witnessed the incident that the staff and accused name Jai Singh of Raghu Kamal Hospital in the same building, had hit the dog brutally in the name of shooing away the puppy from the society, when the witnessed to confront him for his act, he replied in rude manner that he will hit it again if puppy enters the building premises. Carrie Cason was upset with the behaviour of the accused when she heard about the incident, and got the reference of Mr. Salim from Rachael Powell. Salim and his activist Lata Parmar & Aslam Vohra, reached the spot in 1 hour, and investigated the case, Police control room were informed about the incident and the accused Jai Singh was picked up from hospital by Pawa India team & Police, the accused accepted his mistake. Pawa Team explained the duty officer about the animal cruelty case and he was booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 with a fine of Rs.2500. LAC No.3903.

The dog was taken to a local Vet for treatment. 

It's a request to all the Animal lover to take a strong stand against animal cruelty like the one in the above case to give Justice to the animals and get the animal abuser bend on knee in front of Law to prevent animal cruelty 

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