Monday, 7 September 2015

Never Ever, Ever Ever, Mess With Animal Lover, Pawa India registered the case against 5 unidentified goons for abusing animal lover : Ghatkopar : Pant Nagar Police Station : Mumbai

On 5th September 2015, late night, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India received a call from the animal lover Mohit Parekh that he was thrashed by 5 unidentified goons who were objecting him for feeding the strays dogs, Mohit was carrying his noble job every day by feeding the stray dogs at Sai Krupa MP Vaidya Marg, Near CCD in Ghatpokar east, he was stopped and intervened by 2 people of the same area who have given him warning a month back not to feed the  stray dogs, Mr. Parekh was on his bike, all of sudden these 2 people who are the resident of near by area started hitting Mohit, as the Mohit was on his bike he could not control it, later 3 of them of these 2 goons friends join them n started hitting Mohit, Mohit was left with brutal hits, these goons were coward, because they attack in group, they don't have guts to fight one to one, later Mohit went home n decided to take action against such goons, he informed Salim about the incident, Salim asked him to relax and assured him to get justice to him. Salim & Lata rushed to the spot and took the civil & uniform cops from Pant Nagar Police Station with them in their Animal Anti Cruelty van. Pawa India Team and Police searched the whole area with Mohit to Nab the goons, but it could not be traced as they came to know about our arrival. 

The goons ran away before we reached the spot, after long search in the Ghatkopar area, Pawa india returned to the police station. Salim & Lata took the Mohit to the government hospital for medical check-up & treatment and submitted the report to the Police Station.

The Police Sub Inspector Devendra Ovhal cooperated and supported Pawa India for Legal Action, An FIR is registered against 5 Unidentified goons under IPC Section : 143, 146, 149, 323 & 506 (Riots, Unlawful Assembly, Causing hurt & Threatening). These section carries Jail terms & Fines.

The goons will be nabbed soon as Police and Pawa India are awaiting for their location & information, as 2 goons are the resident of the same area, they will be nabbed soon. Even if 1 is caught, rest 4 will be caught soon. Where they will go ?, Mumbai is a small place, definitely they will be arrested soon.   

We appreciate Mohit Parekh for his bravery, he did not kept quite or quit, he still daily goes to the same area and feed the dogs and he is ready to fight back with the help of Police & Pawa India.



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