Saturday, 5 September 2015

Pawa India & Yoda booked Fashion designing students for blowing smoke on a puppy : Kharghar Police Station

On 3rd September 2015, Salim Charania received the above video on whatsapp by the Animal Welfare Officer and the co-founder of Yoda Organisation Mrs. Pooja Sakpal She complaint to us that the students of NIFT, Kharghar tossed their three month old labrador like a ball and often blew smoke on its face. They shot videos of their acts and put them up on social networking sites. 

Salim Charania & Lata Parmar decided to take-up these boys on action, We met Yoda Team (Pooja Sakpal, Abhishek Soparkar & Sourabh for Join Operation where the legal formalities and confiscation will be done by Pawa and the complainer will be Yoda team which will follow up with adoption process. 

We contacted local cops and on Thursday traced the address of Narendra Singh, who had posted the videos on Snapchat. But Narendra was not at home. Next we went to his college and found him. Narendra told us that two others in the videos were his friends. While Rohit Panchpal was his flatmate, Suryanshu Raj was in his class. The trio used to spend a lot of time at Narendra’s flat. “Narendra had bought the labrador puppy a month ago for Rs 9,000 from a pet shop in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. For them the puppy was nothing more than a toy. They confessed that they would play catch-catch with the puppy.

Once Narendra had confessed, we got in touch with Suryanshu and Rohit. The trio was hauled to Kharghar police station in Navi Mumbai. They were booked under section 119 of the Bombay Police Act - whoever in any place 1 cruelty beats, goads, overworks, ill-treats or tortures, or causes procures to be cruelty beaten, goaded, over-worked, ill-treated or tortured any animal, shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment which may extend to one month or with fine which may extend to Rs 2,500, or with both. with LAC NO : 7194784, 7194785,  & 7194786. They paid up a fine of Rs 7500/-

“The puppy was rescued and given to Yoda for adoption. The trio has given an undertaking that they will never indulge in any such practice ever again.

With the Join Operation of 2 Organisation Yoda & Pawa India, there is a successful rescue, we request all the NGOs to Unite and work together to rescue and stop cruelty on animals. 

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