Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Psycho Stone Man booked for animal cruelty for hitting dogs with stone regularly : Fir Registered : Vartak Nagar Police Station Mumbai, (Thane)

On 20th August 2015, late evening, Salim Charania received a complaint from an animal activist  Namita Dsouza & Dhananjay Kanchan  that in their area a Psycho named Kabra resident of amanda building, Hiranandani Meadows, Vasant Vihar Thane, carries stone daily in bag on his bike and whenever he finds the dogs, he stops the bike and hit the stray dogs brutally, the same incident occurred on 19th August 2015, Mr. Kanchan was feeding the stray dogs, all of sudden the accused Kabra came on his bike and picked up the sharp stone and hit the dog on the eye, the dog was injured and bleeding bcz of brutal hit by Kabra, Kanchan argued and fought with Kabra for his cruel act and informed Namita about the incident, the group of animal lover (Mrs. Joginder, Prabha Avinash, Bharti Redkar & Priya D'silva from thane decided to take action on him. Salim & Lata reached the spot late night and investigated the case with the group of animal lover and found that the dog was badly injured. 

Pawa India team decided to teach this Psycho a lesson, so they reached Vartak Nagar Police Station with the witness and explained the duty officer Police Sub Inspector Kulkarni & Sachin Ambre about the incident, Pawa India team helped the police officer regarding animal cruelty laws, and Police officer cooperated for the same. The FIR was registered against Kabra (Accused) under IPC 429 and Maharashtra Police Act 119 which attracts Jail term up to 5 years or fine or both and MPA 119 ( one month Jail term or FIne or both). 

The Panchnama was carried out and the Kabra the accused was called to the Police Station for the further legal action on him, Kabra denied the incident but when Police officer told him that we have investigated in your area that you are the regular offender of animal cruelty by hitting dogs with stone. He accepted his crime and said that he did not know that hitting animal is a crime and apologised in front of police for his cruel act. The police officer replied that you have to face the charges against you in the court. 

Soon the charge sheet will be filed and he will be summoned by the court for further hearing on his case.

The dog was admitted at Thane SPCA, where it was been treated, The dog injury was cured by doctors which showed a good result, but due to brutal hits, the dog has poor vision in the left eye. The dog is treated and left in the same area from where it was been picked up. 

Animal lover played an important role for fighting back with the animal abuser through legal way by approaching Pawa India.  



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