Friday, 4 September 2015

Veterinary Dr.Gadge breaks the medical professional Ethics, Laws and shows inhuman attitude towards animals


"Being Admitted To The Profession Of Veterinary Sciences, I Solemnly Swear To Use My Scientific Knowledge And Skills, For The Benefit Of The Society, Through The Protection Of Animal Health, The Relief Of Animal Suffering, The Conservation And Production Of Livestock Resources, And The Advancement Of Medical Knowledge. I Will Practice My Profession Conscientiously, With Dignity And In Keeping With The Principles Of Veterinary Medical Ethics. I Accept As A Lifelong Obligation, The Continual Improvement Of My Professional Knowledge And Competence. These Pledges I Make, Before God And Upon My Honour."

The above OATH taken by Each and Every Vet was disrespected , shamed and violated by Dr.Gadge of Malad West, Ever Shine Nagar. A poor 1 month stray puppy was seeking for justice on 1st Sept,2015 from the Vet Dr.Gadge to certify his muscular pain diagnosed by him. The puppy was beaten by bamboo stick by the animal abuser. The medical certificate was denied by Dr.Gadge for which he has treated & diagnosed the puppy. The reason that was specified by the doctor was that he feared to fall into any police hassle and fear of animal abuser.

Pawa India president Salim Charania confronted doctor through a sting operation which can be seen in the above video that when Pawa India team (Salim & Lata) reminds him of his duties and his responsibilities which is mandatory for every vet to give medical certificate of his treatment & diagnose whenever requested or demanded for the welfare of animals. But the only words which was uttered by him was only " NO, I Can't Give Medical Certificate, I am not the owner, I am working for someone " and denied such duties towards animals.

The doctor's panic attack was so much stressful that he lied that he is working under someone and his clinic does not belongs to him and because of this he denied the certificate.

Dr. Gadge is the founder & Director of the clinic, we came to know through his prescription and his website URL :

Later on he confessed that he does not want to give certificate because he does not want to get on into the complications of police and animal abuser. However his statement worries Pawaindia team for such unprofessional behaviour and inhuman attitude towards animals. 

The animal's justice has been delaying from years and years because of such unprofessional vet present into our society. Pawa India feels that his rejection of giving medical certificate towards welfare of the animals is because of his personal welfare that is avoiding police and animal abuser to stay away from them. We have given complaints to the Veterinary Council of Maharashtra, India, Cheif Minister, Commissioner of Police, Shree Mati Maneka Gandhi and other legal authorities with a complaint letter & the video evidence to take strict action against him.

Salim also spoke to Dr.Ghorpade Dilip Dada. (Designation : President Maharashtra state veternary Council Nagpur, And Dist. Animal Husbandry officer ,Z.P.Gondia )

His Statement : "No Veterinarian can deny the certificate if the Vet diagnosed and treated the animals or birds" It's his duty to provide medical certificate upon request for the cause of animal welfare. 

We will not allow any such Veterinarian to behave unprofessional with his profession and towards animal welfare cause. 

We have acted on this case upon the complaint received by Miss Carrie Cason & his family, where they were rejected for the medical certificate when they first visited Dr. Gadge's Clinic, Later on to verify the facts, Pawa India team took this case on task and got the facts. 

Pawa India intention - The Video to upload on-line and give complaints to the legal authorities is to take action against such Vet and to aware the animal lover of their rights to obtain medical certificate for Animal Welfare cause and justice.  

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