Monday, 12 October 2015

Case Registered : 17 years old boy abuse street dogs (Amboli Police Station) & Dr. Vora Booked for cat cruelty (Vakola Police Station)

Case 1 : 

on 10th October 2015, late night,  Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a call from Animal Activist Naseem Lokhandwala & Sanjeev Chopra that they have caught hold of a boy named Suffiyan Mohammad Shaikh, who was hitting stray dogs at Lokhandwala near Infinity Mall, and they got him to the Oshiwira Police Station and want to register the case, Salim & Manisha reached police station and investigated the case, and reached the spot with police for verification, and treated the dog with antibiotic & painkiller tablet,  Police realise that the location does not fall in to their Jurisdiction, So they sent the accused with their constable with Salim in their anti - animal cruelty van to the Amboli Police Station for case transfer. 

Salim with animal activist, accused and police reached to Amboli Police Station, and explained the case to the duty officer Inspector Patil, who immediately took the accused in to the custody and booked him for animal cruelty a fine of RS 2500/- , LAC NO. 994/15 We are happy with such type of Police Inspector who handled our case very seriously, Inspector Patil had given good vitamins to the accused. Once again Mumbai Police Zindabad !!!!

Case 2 :

same night on 11th October 2015, at 1:30 am, Salim received another cruelty case from an animal activist who is also a doctor by profession named Dr. Anju Bhattacharya from Santacruz East area, she complained to us that in their neighbouring society an accused named DR. Vora who is general physician by profession had relocated the cat with the help of society children into another area.

The children loves animals a lot, Dr. Vora ask the children to carry cat with them and have taken to another place and dumped the cat from its Origin territory. As soon as Dr. Vora left the place, the children got the cat back to it's location and saved the life of the cat. We salute children and their parents who respected the life of a cat. 

Salim & Manisha reached the spot and called police and knocked the door of the accused DR. Vora in santacruz east at 3 am and asked him the reason for cat cruelty, he said My wife is pregnant and cat comes in between her legs whenever she takes a walk, being in fear of falling down, they relocated the cat for his wife safety. 

it looks very funny for Pawa India team and animal activist, that Dr. Vora can relocate an innocent cat just for personal reason. Cat by behaviour comes and roams around legs to show love towards human beings. We should have a tolerance to get adjust with the nature instead of showing cruelty towards animals. As per animal activist Dr. Anju Bhattacharya the cat had never came between the Dr. wife's legs whenever she takes a walk. Dr. Vora's wife was not happy with the feeding of cats and made a false excuse and relocated the cat. 

Cats or any animals being territorial animals, it cannot be relocated, as the cat can be killed by accident or by another stray animals. Relocation was not the solution, as it amounts to killing. This world also belongs to them. Salim asked Dr. Vora to come to the Vakola police station. Salim with animal activist seen in the Picture explained to the duty officer and finally Dr. Vora was booked under Maharashtra Police Act 119 with a fine of RS 2500/- Lac No. 2073/15  

Dr. Vora was left only with fine because the cat was found back, if the cat was missing then the Fir would have been registered under IPC 429 and Pca Act.       


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