Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cows & Calf Transported in to a small tempo leading them to injury : Case registered : KAPURBAWADI Police Station, Thane, Mumbai

On 29th September 2015, A Police Officer (Dnyanesh Eknath Shirsat) from Thane Traffic Police Department who is also an animal lover was on his way to feed stray dogs at night 1 am near Majiwada Naka, he saw that a small tempo was carrying  2 cows n 2 calf, he stopped the vehicle and inspected it, The place was too congested and the animals have no movement to move, relax or sit. The 2 cows were injured and were bleeding, the animals were transported from Dhanu area with No medical certificate, No Permit, No Papers & No Vaccination Certificate to support the transportation of animals.

Even a slight break to a tempo can cause major injury to the animals, the animals were not safe at all to be transported in to such tempo where there was no arrangement of enough space, food and water. 

Shirsat called up Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) and narrated the above facts, Salim replied to him that hold him until he arrives, Salim then gave a call to Pandeji who operates his NGO named Raghuvir Manav Sanstha in Kandivali, Pandeji works in defence of working animals and slaughter animals. Salim picked up Pandeji from Kandivali and reached to the spot in his Animal Anti cruelty Van in thane and formed a team to take up the case legally, the inspection was carried out, the cows were milking cows and the calf belong to the cows. The area where the animals were taken too is famous for slaughtering, it is not clear whether the animals were taken for Slaughter or for Milk Business. 

The animals and it owners were taken to Kapurbawadi Police station and the Fir was registered against the accused under relevant IPC Section for animal cruelty and transportation act. The accused was arrested and the animals were sent to Bhivandi Ann Goan Gav Shala, further the owner has to prove it in court to get the custody of animals back.

Aditi Nair of PAL Thane NGO & her team also arrived in Police station in the morning to give panchnama Signature and the transportation of animals were sponsored by Aditi and Shirsat from thane to Gavshala. 

The rescue of animals were successful and we salute Dnyanesh Eknath Shirsat (Police officer) who performed his duty even he was on his off duty. 




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