Friday, 9 October 2015

Society Members abandoned puppies in to gutter (Drain) and left it to die, FIR Registered - MHB Police Station : Borivali, Mumbai

On 7/10/2015, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a distress call from Animal Activist Shivani Sharma & Pooja Bhandari (Animal Welfare Officer) they complaint to him that one member of the society who does not wished to be named have witnessed the incident that in Pleasant Park Society in Dahisar West, a group of men loaded 5 puppies in to their van and taken it to unknown place for abandoning it.

Salim received only address and the primary accused named Rajesh Oza (Secretary) of the building who is involved in crime., It was very difficult for him to alone find the group of accused and rescue puppies without upfront of eye witness. Salim reached the society at 1:30 am and investigated the matter, due to non availability of upfront eye witness, Salim kept a pleasing & soft approached and was being patience during investigation for the purpose of rescuing puppies, he secretly took the video evidence of the 5 accused seen in footage including watchman, they confessed that they have abandoned the 5 puppies out of 7 in to unknown place and were not ready to cooperate to show the location to Salim, later Salim found another 2 accused details Santosh Pawar (Treasurer), and another person named Dixon(Chairman).

Salim then approach to MHB Police Station and explained the incident of cruelty towards puppies to the lady duty Police Sub Inspector (PSI Gavit), she understood the case and send immediately another Police Sub Inspector (PSI Patil) with Salim to the spot, the society gathered in group including women and started arguing with Salim & Police, this time the accused involved women in front to fight with them, Salim first requested the society people to get back the puppies, as they are on mother's milk, they will die if they are not feed, but society people only knows to shout and give silly excuses and Salim knows the power of law, after repeated attempt of explaining & requesting them, they did not take it seriously, Salim explained them that get the puppies back or he will file FIR against them and left with police to the Police Station. 

Finally Salim decided to file FIR  at 6 am, with the good cooperation of PSI Gavit & Police Inspector Dinkar Shilvate, the Fir was registered against the primary accused Rajesh Oza, another 3 accused society members and a watchman, Under IPC 429, IPC 34 & PCA ACT Section 11 (a)(d)&(i) on the basis of the secretly taken video by him, which proves their involvement in crime. The Above IPC Section 429 carries 5 years Jail term or Fine or Both.

Shivani Sharma & Chinmayee (Animal Activist) arrived at 7 am to MHB Police station for Panchnama and to rescue the remaining 2 puppies. Salim reached to Pleasant Park Society with Police for panchnama and passed the verbal message to the society people that he had filed FIR, now the accused will be arrested, the messaged reached to the accused and they formed a team to search the puppies in fear, by evening they got 3 puppies and 2 puppies are still missing, Salim called up Santosh Pawar & Rajesh Oza to find about the remaining 2 puppies, they confessed that they have abandoned the puppies in to gutter (drain) and could not found another 2 puppies. 

Shivani Sharma & Salim took the custody of 5 puppies out of 7 in which 2 puppies are still missing and 2 are severely injured with broken jaw and fractured hind leg. The Pawa India team have submitted the Medical Certificate & X-Ray report to Police station for evidence which will support us in court to fight a strong case against them.

Currently Shivani Sharma is looking after the paid foster of puppies and are her under care and treatment and looking for adoption of these puppies.

Later in the evening, Salim with Lata reached MHB Police station to collect the FIR Copies, the accused approach to Manisha Ashok Chaudhary who is from Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), She is elected as MLA for Dahsir. The MLA, and her supporter with accused also reached to MHB Police Station. Police Inspector called Salim for discussion in to his cabin where the MLA, and her Supporters and the accused were already present inside the Cabin.

Without hearing from Salim, The MLA started verbally abusing that the NGO should feel ashamed to threatened somebody at night in to the society, when Salim introduced himself as the president of NGO and asked her introduction, she gave a rude and indecent reply that "Mai Dahsir area kee Malkin Hu" she and her supporter started arguing and started threatening Salim that "Tu Kaha Rehta Hai", Hum tereh peh bhi Case kar sakteh hai, Sareh kuteh koh tereh ghar peh lakeh chohad degeh" in which Salim replied that "Mai Zanvaroh ka Malik hu" app logh agar Rasteh keh bhikari ki seva karteh hai toh kya bhikari koh app ghar mai rakhteh hai "  Senior inspector intervened and sort the matter. 

Pawa India team will take this matter to the higher authority and will ask the questions to them is that fair that Few Politicians get involved with the accused and support them for all bad reasons and without hearing from the complainer, abuse them and put an unnecessary pressure on police, The MLA was not at all interested in finding what happened with the puppies are they alive or dead, or what is the condition of puppies, they were only interested in showing power which was not exercise for the justice or right purpose. 

Pawa India team fears law and nobody else, if animal cruelty takes place we will file and register FIR and are always ready to face and reply back under Indian Judicial System. 

The investigation is on and the accused will be arrested soon. We are again thankful to Mumbai Police for understanding us and the animal cruelty case. Jai Hind.

We will follow up this case till Judgement.

We request all the members not to post any objectionable comments, we here are only to spread awareness to stop cruelty on animals and educate Indian Society to behave like a human and  to show mercy towards animals and work under Indian Law System.

Dear Non Animal Lovers there are many criminal activities that takes place on regular basis and that needs to be stop at the earliest, Please concentrate and focus on those area if you want to do social work. This world also belongs to animals, and they have right to live where they are born.     


Friday October 9 2015 - Mid-Day News Paper Mumbai 


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