Thursday, 22 October 2015

What is happening to the Senior Citizen Of India : Again Animal Cruelty : Borivali Police Station, Mumbai: Case Registered

On 21st October, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received an animal cruelty complaint from Mr. Tushar Vyas, an animal lover from Eksar road, Borivali west that his neighbour who is a staunch animal hater, kick a building cat and often hits the cat with bamboo stick. when Tushar tried to stop him, he started abusing him with derogatory sentences and said "He hates cats because they are witches and invites death so he will not leave cat and will hurt if he see it and told him do whatever you want, I will continue and will hit the cat, if cat comes near my door or near me". This was the height of superstition 

Salim then forwarded the case to Pawa India Activist Lata Parmar who is well trained in animal cruelty cases & legal system by Salim. He was ready to give backup to activist if some complication arrives. Around 6.30 , Lata went to attend the case. After a prolong wait of 2 hours, neighbour Bhoja Karkera (accused) came home and Lata called police control room.The police appeared whereas karkera was trying to explain police that he is allergic to animals so he does not like animals.His tone and language changed when he saw the police, as he was acting goon in the morning when he hit the cat. 

Lata and Tushar reached Borivali police station around 9 evening.Lata explained the case scenario to duty officer inspector Inamdar and explained Maharashtra police act 119 procedure to which police agreed. After half an hour, accuse came with society secretary, daughter, neighbour to safeguard his position but due to law abiding way of handling the situation, Police Sub Inspector Inamdar explained the culprit that if he does not pay the fine then he will register an FIR and will arrest him. Finally the culprit agreed to pay the LAC fine of animal cruelty of 2500/- with lac no 2944 and left him with warning.

We appreciate the working of inspector Inamdar for his law abiding nature and to impart justice to speechless soul too. Pawaindia appreciates the mumbai police for supporting drive against animal cruelty.

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