Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sting Operation on Navbharat Times for publishing FALSE news & Misguiding People

Enough is Enough!! 

Sting operation by Fizzah Shah IDA India, Pawa India activist -Salim Charania and Lata Parmar...

Confession of Reporter Anita Shukla of Nav Bharat Times for the wrong reporting of the news of Supreme Court interim order dated 18 November 2015 ..She misleaded the court order saying that as per the Supreme Court order BMC will poison the stray dogs.. She confessed her mistake and agreed to correctly rectify the news In Navv Bharat Times..

Also Police Complaint filed by Fizzah Shah IDA India against of Nav Bharat Times for misleading reporting of Supreme Court interim order to Senior Inspector of Worli Police station, DCP, ACP and Commissioner of Police for misleading news and contempt of Supreme Court interim order of 15th November 2015..

Police Complaints will be filed against of all the other media for reporting the misleading news of the interim order of Supreme Court for the stray dog matter pending in the Court for the final judgement.

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