Tuesday, 8 December 2015

STOP Animal Cruelty inside BSPCA: - Stray dogs are not meant for experimentation, research and relocation. They have life, kindly respect it OR else face legal action. NO ONE IS ABOVE LAW.

As per Supreme Court of India, Stray dogs are not anyone’s property so it’s not your property to experiment or abandon animals anywhere by relocating. The allegations put forth on BSPCA are based on available Audio, Video and printed reports as an evidence. Please go through the you tube video, which we conducted sting operation to bring out the facts   



On 5th December, 2015 Mr. Harsh Shah, founder of Bird Help Line NGO gave a complaint to Pawa India NGO of a stray dog which he got admitted in BSPCA for ear infection, but the hospital kept the dog for approximately 20-25 days with the excuse of giving treatment to the dog, When Harsh went to see his dog, he was shocked to see post-operational stitches that was conducted unnecessarily for research and thesis purpose by BSPCA Dr. Tripathi and Dr. Pooja as per medical report card without even taking consent of Harsh. Pawa India team interrogated the spot and spoke to the doctors.

The doctors confronted to PAWA INDIA team that they conducted Laparoscopy operation with the permission of BSPCA Management, Dr. Mayur and Dr. Santosh who gave a “GO AHEAD” signature and consent on the medical report card. When PAWA INDIA team confronted Col. Khanna about the incident, he said “stray dogs belongs to hospital and it does not belong to any Indian common man. Hospital has whole authority over the dog and they can do whatever they want from operation to relocation.” Col. Khanna was defending himself and hospital by telling that Mr. Harsh has not given his contact number and address during admission but during our legal interrogation, we found both address and contact number written on the payment receipt at the time of admission which was missing on the report card. The report card is prepared and filled by the BSPCA staff not the owner of animals. This proves and justifies that their intention of experimenting on stray dogs is a fact as they can conduct such things by giving an excuse of not having full address and contact to take prior permission from owner for any relocation or operation.

BSPCA takes full advantage and credit of the clause given on the admission form that 
“CERTIFICATE”  - This animal does not belong to me being a stray. I don’t have any claim on this animal. BSPCA has the full authority on the said animal. 

With the above clause, BSPCA thinks that they can do anything with stray animals by going out of the way even by breaking Indian IPC acts and sections which are exclusively for animal protection. With this ugly clause, stray animal suffers tremendously in pain and distress which ultimately leads to death. Such clause was never noticed for the benefits of animals. Col. Khanna took benefit of this clause to hide the ugly acts and illegal activities done in BSPCA. He defended himself by showing the hospital clause by over-ruling Supreme courts authority and Animal Welfare Laws. 

With such clause, death and sufferings of animals are continued and still ongoing at a larger scale and ratio. The steps taken against BSPCA will not stop unless and until the law and administrative comes up with drastic changes by dissolving the current unprofessional , unethical animal haters involve into administration and management and adopting new clauses which benefits animals and strictly involves and appoints new administration and management, who sincerely work for animal welfare.

The Kalachowki Police station conducted Panchnama on the basis of our complaint with the entry in police diary number 24/15 7.45 PM 05/12/15. This panchnama assures further legal action in the form of FIR against BSPCA. The complaint will also reach to Veterinary Medical council of Maharashtra and India. 

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