Monday, 4 April 2016


On Sunday 3rd April 2016, Late night at 2 am, Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a distress call from a lady Sapna Goswami an animal lover residing in complex Gaurav excellency, Hatkesh Mira Road East, that she witnessed the brutal incident of a man over driving his vehicle on an stray dog named : BAT MAN, Injuring him badly resulting in broken jaw and hips, and the accused run away in his car from the spot, without bothering about a dog or giving help to a dog to take to the hospital, Salim rushed to the spot and investigated from the building people and managed to get the accused name and phone number. 

The dog was in immense pain and run away and hide in the bushes to near by bushy area, Salim called the accused Asif Adam on his phone number and asked him to come back to the society right now, as Salim knows his complete details now. He came in to the society in another 10 minutes, and parked his car outside society,  his approach towards Salim was rough and was arguing that he did now what ?, Salim immediately rush to his Maruti swift VDI car to get the car key, accused tried to stop Salim, but Salim managed to over power him, finally accused said that he will park his car and promised him that he will not run away.

After scuffle between Salim and accused, he calmed down and asked for apology to him and requested him to let go the case, he asked apology many times but was not interested in searching dog or taking dog to the hospital, as soon as salim realised his intention was not good towards animals, Salim called Kashimira Police Station and asked them to come to the spot as Salim had hold him of his criminal act.   

Seeing this accused called his few friends to overpower him, his friends came immediately to his help and started arguing with salim that he is unnecessary making an issue and asked him to do whatever you want, you want to call police call, we are not afraid, Salim started arguing with them and the heated mode took up on the spot, Still Salim managed to hold the accused until police arrives. 

Police Sub Inspector : Jagtap with few constable arrived in Police Jeep at the spot, Salim narrated the whole incident and explained about the scenario. Police team took the accused in to his custody, Salim with the accused and police reached to the Kashimira Police Station and the FIR is registered under various IPC Section 279, 429 and PCA Act section 11 A.

Police has given summons to the accused to present in police station on 6th April 2016 to take him to the Thane Court and will present him in front of judge for further course of action. 

Once again We Salute Mumbai Police & Kashimira Police Station team to register Salim's FIR without any hassle

Conclusion : Never Ever get afraid of anyone, may be at times, the situation can overpower you but be calm and act smart not to escape but keeping you safe and getting the culprits booked. Collect as much as evidence you can. 



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