Saturday, 2 April 2016


"GIVE ME 1 CRORE RS. I WILL REMOVE ALL THE DOGS FROM YOUR SOCIETY" These are the words of Mr. Salim to Society Committee members, when they asked Salim to take the dogs to their home. 

On 1st April 2016, Late evening around 10 pm Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) received a call from the Shree Avenue Society, Hatkesh, Mira Road, about the severe injury caused to the puppy, Salim rushed to the spot and investigated with the watchman and the society few animal lover, it came to know that the accused  Niyaz Rizwi Sayed staying in the same complex had run over his car on puppy and left the puppy injured badly without bothering it. The accident was brutal, so the puppy needed to admit it in to the hospital, Salim called the accused from his flat through watchman and asked the accused to admit the puppy to the hospital, the accused denied doing it and said that I will call the chairman first and will ask him that why are the puppies staying in to the society, Salim argued with him that the accident was caused by you not by chairman and warned him that admit the puppy right now or else he will take action against him.   

The puppy died after 10 mins, and the eyewitness back-off, Salim has no option left, so he himself decided to take case on individual basis, Salim reached Kashimira Police Station and got two cops with him to the society to take the accused to the police station but the accused run away from the spot. Salim again got another 4 cops including Police Sub Inspector Jagtap, The panchnama was carried out and police again tried to search the accused but the accused was still absconding. The society people came down and argued with Salim to take the dogs to his home, Salim replied "GIVE ME 1 CRORE RS. I WILL REMOVE ALL THE DOGS FROM YOUR SOCIETY", and will buy shelter for them, the society people said take from the government, Salim replied that tell the government to take the dogs to their home not to him. one of the society man started threatening a women (animal lover) by saying that you are a tenant and you will always remain a tennant, Salim shouted that man and asked him to behave and talk properly with a women, and warned him not to abuse again. Salim with police reached Police Station and registered the Fir on his own name under various IPC Section 429, 279 and PCA Act Section 11 A, all this section attracts penalty : Maximum Jail Term up to 5 years or Fine or Both. The accused will be arrested soon. 

Conclusion : Message to the animal lover residing in to the society on tenant basis or owned flat, Please never ever get afraid of the society people and mob, There are many strict Indian  laws which protects animal and women safety. Society can't rule you and animals. Fight Back whenever you are harassed. We Salute to kashimira Police team for their instant and quick help for animal cruelty. 



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