Thursday, 14 April 2016

This is the Police man named Mukesh Dev allegedly thrashed the dog with a stick and later locked it inside the toilet

Mr. Salim Charania President of Pawa India read the story in the news paper, below is the link to that article

The above article shows that there is no justice yet for dog blinded inside Andheri police colony,  this has upset the animal lover all over the world as it is viral on Facebook and other social media platform. Salim Charania decided to help the dog and investigate the case further with the permission of Bhavin Gathani. 

The Fir was already registered in Andheri Police Station by Bhavin Gathani of NGO Karuna Parivar and the medical treatment, & surgery are taken care by Shirley Menon of SOS. We appreciate both the team for their fast response action.

Salim Charania decided to meet the accused Police Man : Mukesh Dev to council him, He found out that the accused is currently attached to Bhyacala: RTPC Wireless Department, Salim Charania went to meet him in his work place in Bhyacala, but his shift was on wireless Van, so could not meet him, he informed the cruel act of Mukesh Dev to the Senior Police Official named Sunil. As it was must and needed to council him, Salim Charania decided to meet him in Police Quarter where incident took place. 

Salim Charania with his team Nicky Chatbar (Basic Ward president of Congress, Borivali), Aditi Javadekar & Mrs. Parul Sharma reached to his place in Andheri East Police Quarter, and knocked his door, he was ignoring us to come out of the house, when Nicky insisted him and request him that we will just take few minutes of you and would like to council you about the animal cruelty, and if he is facing some issue with the street dog, we can help him out to sterilise the dog and vaccinate it, but he was rude and arrogant, he came out of the house with his shorts not wearing anything on top being knowing that there are ladies volunteer outside his house, he talked to them in indecent manner, humiliated and insulted them and asked them to get out of the complex and shut his door. Being a Public Servant Police man Mukesh Dev does not have manners to speak to Public including a women.

Our mean and purpose was just to educate him and spread awareness regarding animal cruelty to reduce Human and animal Conflicts, but instead of accepting his mistake he became violent and behave indecently with the women, if he can't respect a women how can we expect him to respect animals. 

We strongly believe in Indian Judicial System and it laws, from our private sources with Bhavin Ghatani we came to know that there is an eyewitness to the incident, soon the eyewitness will give statement and the accused will be arrested for the same, The eyewitness named will be hidden for the security purpose. 

Mumbai Police is great and helpful, as we have experienced in the past but because of few cruel police, it brings a bad name to it.    

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