Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pawa India Filed Fir against Amar Agrawal in Vashi Police Station for abusing Woman : Accused arrested & Sent to Jail .

An Animal lover(Mrs. Gudiya, name changed upon request of animal lover) was feeding the street dogs and the neighbor Amar Agrawal wife objected to her activity and tried to hit the dog by throwing stone and asked them to stop feeding in the area. She claims that the dog pounce on her boy,  Gudiya complaint to Mr. Salim Charania about it, Salim asked Gudiya & her husband to make a conference call to Amar Agrawal wife, so that he can explained about animal cruelty and it’s law for awareness. 

The conference call was in progress and was going smooth to make her understand about the animal laws and the rights of animal lover, and explained her that not to perform animal cruelty again, if he gets complaint again, so the Pawa India Ngo will come and will take action legally in the form of FIR. The call was smoothly ended and  finally she agreed that she will not hit the dog or she will object the activity of animal lover regarding street dogs. The recording for the same is available with Pawa India.

Amar came to know about our call made to her wife, her wife got admitted in hospital due to Blood Pressure, Gudiya thought of showing sympathy and made an attempt to visit his wife, but Amar at hospital was calling to the chairman of the building and started abusing the chairman, Gudiya and her husband by extremely using vulgar bad words, Gudiya left the place hearing & seeing him talking on the phone to someone else, as she is insulted , the recording for the same can be seen in the below attachment. The recording was obtained by Gudiya’s husband from the chairman. 

The recording reached to Salim Charania by Gudiya, hearing the audio, Salim got angry and decided to teach him a good lesson. So Salim with Nicky Chatbar (Acitivist of Pawa India) reached Vashi Police Station on 4th May 2016 with Gudiya family and evidence. Initially police was requesting to take down NC. But Pawa india team Strongly objected to it, and after arguments on law, Finally Police agreed to take down FIR as Per Pawa India arguments and incident.
The Accused Amar Agrawal was called to Vashi Police Station and the recording evidence was played in front of the duty officer.  The Fir is registered under IPC 506 and IPC 509, total amounting Jail term maximum up to 3 years or fine or both,  we believe that when judge will hear the evidence, The judge will do it best to give Justice.

Amar Agrawal was arrested on 4th May 2016 and he is still in Police Custody or Judicial Custody as per current date 5th may 2016.

We will take strict action on cruelty whether it is performed on animal lover or on animals. 


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