Sunday, 8 May 2016


On 6th May 2016, Salim Charania received a call from Navghar Police Station, reporting the incident of major dog poisoning case and asked him to support the officer for post-mortem process and other help related with the case. Salim reached the spot, Indralok Phase 6, Bhayander east. He observed dog dead bodies lying on ground in presence of Police and the complainer named Mr. Shubhang Sharma, Police asked help for the process of Post-Mortem, so the call was given to Dr. Pradeep Dattatray who is a government veterinarian, Dr. fixed next day for the Pm process. Later at night Salim with Police reached society office to get cctv footage, so with the help of Pill Heights society people, the CCTV footage was obtained. 

One of the person (Name hidden for security purpose) who identified accused gave us the information about the accused present in dog killing seen in CCTV Footage : Accused Name : Shyamlal Badal, resident of RNB Park, Shiv Mandir, Kashibai Chawl, Jesal Park, Bhayander East. Profession : Runs Pig Slaughter Business and give baby pig for sacrifice for ritual practise.   

The fir was registered under IPC 429 and PCA ACT Section 11 

on 7th May 2016, a team was formed leaded by Salim to verify accused details (Team Members - Salim, Shubhang, Rajdeep Desai, Dushyant Singh & Dilip Patel). Mr. Bharat & Mr. Hitesh along with the team helped the Dr. for the Pm process, and started investigation of the accused, the team went to the accused address and verified it, that the house belongs to Shyamlal, once it was confirmed, the team went to the Navghar Police Station and requested senior police to make an immediate arrest to stop further killing, The Senior PI cooperated us and send the police official ASI Dabhade with us to get the accused, we went with police to get him to police station.  

Police was not sure with the first part of cctv footage that the accused seen in CCTV footage is the same person, so police requested us to get eye witness and if possible get more clear cctv evidence. Shyamlal aged 60, and his family member started doing drama that he is not medically fit. Police has given notice to accused to present himself on Monday and asked Pawa India team to get the required details and evidence. 

So on 8th May 2016, Salim with this team managed to obtained another clear cctv footage which is attached in the video and also few eyewitness is ready to come ahead to give statement, We will present on 9th may to Navghar Police Station with eyewitness and evidence so that the arrest can be made at the earliest. 

We also suspect him that he was involved in the recent case few months back in bhayander of mass killing of street dogs. The pattern of killing and sequence matches with the same current case. We request people to identify him that if anyone has seen him in the mass killing and had witness the incident in the bhayander previous case, Please contact Police or Pawa India Team immediately.

Hope the killing is stop now, since the accused is identified. we will update soon.



  1. Thanks PAWA..... pl try to punish the culprit with maximum penalty as possible.

  2. His shop shud be closed down tis man should not be given a license at all to run killing.... where is the government now


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