Tuesday, 27 September 2016

FIR Register under IPC 354, 509 & 506 on Animal Hater for abusing animal lover : Navghar Police Station (Bhayander)

On 12th August 2016, late night, A brave animal lover Ms. Chandni Ganesh Kamath who is an Air Hostess by profession & resident of Swarnadeep Society Old Golden Nest, Bhayander was feeding street dogs under her building premises, all of sudden a person named Karan Mishra in aggressive manner came towards her with an Iron rod in his hand and was about to hit on head to one of the stray dog, but luckily with good presents of mind, she block the iron rod from him by holding it firmly causing an intense pain to her hand, she was successfully in saving a life of a dog from the brutal force of an iron rod. She struggled & fought with Karan but he was not ready to give up easily, he verbally abused her by giving bad words by using vulgar language and threatened her to kill her and dog, Chandni snatched the iron rod from him and managed to take away from him. The accused was behaving weird, as if some ghost entered in to his body, he was hitting his chest and was clapping and was saying today I will finish the matter. 

   She called up Salim Charania on phone and informed about the incident, He advised her to call control room on 103 and asked her to reach police station, Salim also reached police station in 15 minutes, The accused was brought to the police station by police team, the whole society as usual in every case gathered at police station to take objection on feeding of animals. 

This society is well known for animal haters, the same society secretary named Agrawal and watchman was booked for animal cruelty few months back by Salim Charania, resulting in to arrest. 

The Senior Police officer was not present in Police Station, after an argument with the present duty officer police to register FIR, the duty officer said the FIR can be only registered after the permission of Senior Police. Salim drafted 3 pages complaint letter signed by Chandni Kamath marking to Navghar Police Station and Superintendent of Police, Thane Rural and left the Police Station with the complainer.

on 27/09/2016 Salim,  Chandni & her mother met Superintendent of Police Dr. Mahesh Patil and explained the incident and the daily torture & harassment to her by society people while feeding dogs,  to which he understood the facts and transferred the case to senior police of Navghar police station to take legal action. Same day we met, Senior Police Mr. Shrikant Padule who was very cooperative  and sent the cops with Salim & Chandni to society to identify the accused and get him to the police station.

The accused run away from the society as soon as he came to know about the arrival of Police, Salim & Chandni, but they managed to get his phone no and other details. Finally the Fir was registered against him under IPC 354 A (1), (4), IPC 509 & IPC 506. he was called next day to police station for further action on him.

We are very thankful to Senior Police MR. Shrikant Padule who always helped us with the animal cruelty and other cases related to women harassment.

The Society people who always thinks that they are in large in numbers and can corner and torture animals & its care taker. Salim would like to tell them that the Majority is not the Authority, come in crowd, shout, it does not mean that society people are right, No one is above law, Pawa India will always legally fight against such society and will win against the evil intention people.

Pawa India finally salutes Ms. Chandni Kamath who was too brave and fought back against coward people and society. Pawa was only able to help her because she was firm and brave in her social activity that is animal welfare. 


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