Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Shocking : Mrs. Riddhi Niratle wife of a VET Dr. Vikram Niratle abandoned Stray puppies & left it to die: FIR REGISTERED (Navghar Police Station, Bhayander, Mumbai)

Our timely intervention helped us in rescuing all puppies, currently the puppies are with the mother dog in the society.

The family home's run on the money earn by her husband Dr. Vikram Niratle (an animal doctor) 

The vet profession & motherhood was disrespected and humiliated by abandoning stray puppies and left it to die  

on 3rd January 2017, at 6 pm Salim Charania president of Pawa India, received multiple calls from an animal lover Mrs. Sangeeta Shetty and Mr. Rajesh Dubey, they complaint to him about one lady named Mrs. Riddhi Vikram Niratle from the society Akshita Building, RNP Park, Bhayander East, had abandoned 6 stray puppies in to gunny bag with the help of watchman named Bahadur, Mrs. Riddhi Niratle directed watchman to get all the puppies in to gunny bag and she took the gunny bag with filled of 6 stray puppies on one another and left the society using her motor cycle and abandoned them to unknown place.

Salim rushed to the spot from Vasai to the society in Bhayander east and with the help of police and animal lover mentioned above with little enquiry with the accused and mentioning about the law & the act of crime, we were successful in rescuing all the puppies safe.

The mother dog is happy to get all the puppies back, the puppies were too hungry, watch the video above, the puppies were trapped in gunny bag for hours and were suffocating, anything bad could have happened, if were not in time. God is great.

We approached Navghar Police Station and speak to Senior Inspector PI Shrikant Padule, He helped us and cooperated as always, with no time, he asked the police official to register FIR immediately and take action on the accused i.e, Mrs. Riddhi Niratle & watchman Bahadur. We salute him for his immediate response. Mumbai Police is animal friendly as per our experience with them. 

The FIR is registered under section Maharastra Police act 119 and PCA ACT Section 11 (A)(I). The investigation officer will conduct enquiry and will take action on the accused soon. 

DNA NEWS - 05/01/2017


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