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Fir Registered Against Konark Gardens Society People For animal cruelty and abandoning stray dogs : Badlapur East

On 19/2/2017, Nehal Tillu called Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) and informed him about the animal cruelty case in Konark Gardens Society in Badlapur, the female mother dog with her puppies were dumped in to gunny bags and thrown out of the society to unknown location . Mrs. Neha found out the contact details of the society and informed them on phone that get back the puppies and the mother female dog in to the society back again and explained the consequence of legal law and animal cruelty section, She informed society people that bring back the animals by 8 pm, failing to do that, the legal action will be taken, Society did not cooperated with her to reveal the information about the animals and were making fun on their society whatsapp group chat after committing crime of animal cruelty and they were planning to give fake complaints about the dog bite which  they discussed on the chat to avoid legal case on them.

Audio conversation of Salim with local politicians and advocates of Badlapur

Salim made a conference call and gathered Neha (Dombivali Resident) with Ms Mrunmayi Bhave (Badlapur)  and guided them the procedure and steps to handle the case and also send them the necesssary fir copies to them to file fir.

Finally Heroes Comes Together to Fight Against Animal Cruelty  

Neha with her husband Vishal and mother in law Mrs. Anuradha Tillu, Ms Mrunmayi Bhave   Mr. Rushikesh Joshi, Mr. Mrunal Sawant reached Badlapur East police station and give a formal complaint to police, initially the police were not taking complaint seriously but as soon as they know the animal activist is not going to bend down, they started taking complaint seriously.

Salim called to police station landline line no. and asked the police official to help them with the cops backup  to send it to the society for animal rescue and file FIR against the accused.

Police team with animal activist reached the society, the society people gathered more than 180 people and tried to corner the activist and animal lover and were provoking to them with criminal intimidation, they started calling all the ladies and senior citizen to face animal activist, and started verbally abusing animal activist and the complainer Roshni Kotian and  were not showing the puppies and the mother dog location.

Police asked society people to come to police station,  the society people with more than 180 mob reached police station and called local politician, social workers and advocates to support them, The complainer Roshni with family and their friends of the society reached police station. Salim was  continuously connected with animal activist  and were guiding them about the legalities and the process of filing FIR.
The society people and the politicians were pressurizing the animal activist to withdraw the case  and their behavior were too aggressive towards them. Salim guided animal activist that whoever is forcing or pressurizing, asked them to call Salim and speak,  feeling the heat of moment , animal activist gave Salim Charania contact details to them and asked to speak with him and take permission of him to withdraw the case ,  The activist told them that they can't withdraw the case unless n until Salim says.
Salim received multiple calls from local politician and advocates and requested him to give the society people a chance and withdraw the case, Salim denied doing that and asked them to support us for the good cause instead of supporting them. The animal cruelty performed by society people is not tolerable at all and hence the case will be filed, hear the audio recording for more details.

Soon the local politician and supporters of the society understood that there is a fault of society and the crime is committed, hence they calm down and moved back as they know that the animal activist is not going to bend down.
Roshni with no fear, pointed the finger towards the accused and identified them, and 7 people were booked for animal cruelty, their names as follow :

1.Ulhas Dhuri   3. Swapnil Devulgavkar 5. Raviraj lipare
2. Shivaji Patil  4. Brahmanand Lavleh   6. Tejas sangare
            7. Prashant Malkar   

The 7 puppies out of 9 and the mother female dog suddenly appeared in the society back again after registering the fir, 2 puppies are still missing , additional section will be imposed soon on them under relevant section of IPC.

The team work, Brave attitude, Unity of animal lover,  the encouragement and confidence given to them by each other and by Salim Charania  helped the puppies and the mother female dog to go back to the place where they lived, these animals were regularly fed by Roshni and she will continue doing so with no fear, We will always support all the brave activist and will standby them whenever they are needed.

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