Sunday, 5 February 2017

Pawa India Activist and Animal lover filed Fir for Animal Cruelty under the guidance of Salim Charania : Borivali Police Station

where there's a will there's a way........ we should follow this sayings, as this saying comes true in one of the incident.

Mr. Siddhesh Sane who is an animal lover and he follows each and every post of Pawa India on website and on FB  

On 4th February 2017, Salim Charania President of Pawa India, received a phone call at late night from a couple Mr. Siddhesh Sane & Mrs. Anu Sane and complaint about the brutal incident that one accused named Jignesh Vanjara was driving his car MH48 AK3634, Maruti ciaz with his child on his lap on steering wheel and he drove his car on the puppy dog injuring badly. This incident happened at Borivali west, near Sumer Nagar, Kosamgo Nagar chs. Mr.Siddhesh tried to stop him and asked him that what he has done, the accused ignored him and told that he is busy and drove away the car carelessly with still his child on his lap with steering wheel.

Mr. Siddhesh family planned to have dinner with 10 months old baby and go for a ride to enjoy the weekend, but this incident upset them and they decided to cancel their outing and teach the accused a lesson of law, without wasting time, the family took the puppy to Dr. Premal, with the help of neighbor Mr. Kedar  but the puppy died on the way. Salim Spoke to Dr. Premal Darji, on phone and find out the reason of death and requested the vet to issue the medical certificate for the same. 

Salim encouraged the family to take the action and decided to give support to them, He called up his friend who is also the Pawa India activist Nicki Chatbar resident of Borivali and made  a conference call with the family, and guided them about the procedure to file an FIR and also sent the Previous Fir Copies of Salim to them to show it to Police Station to make Fir more easy. 

The Fir was registered under relevant section of IPC and accused was called to police station to verify the incident, soon an investigation officer will be appointed which in turn will lead to arrest and charge sheet.

The accused mother was requesting the complainer to take the case back, but when such request was unheard, she started blaming that the street dog bites and are the nuisance to the society, human life is more important than the animal's life, Our Activist Nicki replied her and fired her about their thoughts and forced Mr. Siddhesh to sign the FIR without letting them go free.  

The family Mr. & Mrs. Sane sacrifice their enjoyment and stood for the right and taught an accused a lesson of law and Mrs. Nicki Chatbar (Activist of Pawa India), did not bother about the late night time and on request of Salim Charania reached Borivali Police Station to help animal lover. Pawa India is proud of such angels. BIG RESPECT AND DESERVES SALUTE. 

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