Monday, 20 February 2017

Pawa India Filed FIR against the driver who killed 3 puppies under the bus Wheel : Charkop Police Station, Mumbai

3 Puppies killed under the
wheel of Diamond Bus 

on 19th February 2017, late night received a distress and disturbing call to Salim Charania (President Of Pawa India) that 3 puppies were killed under the wheel of Diamond Tourist Bus vehicle No. MH-11- BL- 995, while reversing the bus and the driver of the bus drove away the bus neglecting the killed puppies, one of the Person named Akshay with his friend from the above picture witnessed the incident and went to check the puppies, all the puppies were instantly killed mercilessly, by the time they could catch the driver, the driver run away, Akshay with his friend managed to contact the owner of the bus named Raju and informed him about the incident. Raju got aggressive and told that it's just a stray dog why you are so much concerned and abused him verbally. 

The group of people in the pictured gathered and decided to teach the owner and the driver a lesson, so they called Salim Charania and requested him to file a case against the ruthless driver and the owner of the Diamond Bus Tourist. Salim took the contact number of the owner and called him up and confirmed the incident on the phone and asked him that why he was giving threat to boys, he denied that he did not abuse and he told that he will call in 5 minutes, but Salim did not received the call from the owner of the bus.  
without wasting time, Salim made a conference call to Mr. Bala Iyer who is the best friend of him and also the Pawa India activist  of Charkop area and guided him with the legal steps to file FIR, he reached Charkop Police station with local people  in the above picture. Salim spoke to Police Sub Inspector and explained him the procedure of animal cruelty IPC sections, with Copies of FIR sent on his whatsapp mobile.

Mumbai Police are always smart as before in no time with good coordination and support of Local people of Charkop and the Pawa India activist - Mr. Bala Iyer , the Fir was registered On Mr. Bala Iyer's name as the complainer under IPC Section of 429, IPC 279 and PCA Act Section, where the jail term is up to more than 5 years or fine or both. 

The expenses of ambulance and postmortem were carried out by the local people of Charkop, Shayadri Nagar, Kandivali west.

We salute Police, Pawa India Activist - Bala Iyer and the local people who are brave and worked as a team to fought against animal cruelty. We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. 

As per information, the same Tourist company ( Diamond) killed puppies under the wheel in the past too. The crime can never be hidden, one day it comes out, The police will arrest the accused at the earliest and the follow up with arrest and court procedure will be looked by Pawa India team and the local people. 

This is Mumbai, We have strong people always with us, whether it's a complainer or the activist and posses quality of NO FEAR.   




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