Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pawa India Free the chained stray dog from the trap of the society : Society Intention Not Clear but not looking good

On 31st January 2017, late night, Salim Charania President of Pawa India,  received a Phone Call from Mr. Manoj Oswal (Managing Trustee at People for Animals, Pune Unit) about the dog illegally tied up case on terrace of Arvind Nagar Society, Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai by a Family and asked him to attend the case. Salim got connected with the complainer and the residence of the society Mr. Sheldon Pinto & Mrs. Pronoti Havnur (Member of PFA). He spoke to the family who tied the dog on phone call (Mrs. Narola) and asked to release the dog immediately to the society premises but they were not willing to release the dog.

Dog named Mowgli, History: The dog was returned on 31/1/2017 from IDA through BMC, Vaccinated & sterilized, the dog was picked up one week back by BMC, the complaint was done by a family (Mrs. Narola), As soon as the BMC van was releasing the dog in the society, Mrs. Narola took the custody of dog from the BMC and tied up the dog on the terrace.  

The family says that the dog has bitten their daughter, so they tied up the dog on the terrace, few people from the society also witness that she said that she wants to kill the dog. Salim tried to explain the law on phone and asked them to release the dog immediately but they were stubborn on their decision by not releasing the dog, Please hear the audio clip.

Salim sense and felt that something is wrong, he rushed to the spot with his activist Mr. Rajdeep Desai at 12 Midnight from Vasai to Vakola which is more than 50 km, on the way, Salim received a call from Mr.Kasim Azmi brother of Samajwadi Party MP Abu Azmi, who is the resident of same building  tried convincing him to let them decide the dog fate, Please hear the audio clip.     

Salim reached Vakola Police Station and got the backup of police force from them and reached the society, See the video, the dog is not aggressive at all and it's very friendly, many people of society gathered including Mr.Kasim Azmi and got in to heated argument with Salim and they were not willing to release the dog free and were giving false statement of dog bites from 10 to 100 people biting case, which is absolutely false.  

Salim finally decided to take the dog to the Police Station to show the officer that the dog is not aggressive at all and asked the society people to come to police station. Salim with other animal activist Nishka Havnur, Lyon,Gladis & Anushaka Gonsalves who are also the resident of the same building reached Police Station. 

Salim explained the Police Officer about the animal law and it's rights and showed the dog to the officer. Police got convince with the statement and warned the Mrs.Narola not to tie the dog again and asked her to follow the law, Salim with his team release the dog free again to the society. 

As per video evidence the dog is not harmful to the society, The BMC left the dog after necessary treatment to the dog, No one is above the law, any individual or group can't pickup the stray dog and decide the fate of it. 

The family gives multiple statement, sometimes they say that they want to adopt the dog and sometimes they say that they want to send the dog to the shelter, which is not believable as the dog has chased their child, who will adopt such dog or spend money on dogs to send it to shelter. As  their multiple statements did not convince Salim, so the case is attended and the dog was released from their confinement which was chained on terrace of the society.

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