Sunday, 5 March 2017

Physco Animal Abuser Caught and Booked Under Animal Cruelty : FIR Registered : Kurar Police Station

On 4th March 2017, Early morning, the video of a dog abuse was on viral on whats app group, Salim Charania President of Pawa India received a call from his activist Mr. Sanjay Hotkar and informed him about the video and requested him to take action as he knows the details of video with area and the complainant Mr. Umesh Kath. 

Salim started his investigation and collected the facts, in the video the dog is tied up and the accused Rajesh Dharmendra Vishwakarma Urf (Ganni) is hitting the dog with a steel pipe, he was a repeated offender in animal cruelty but was never booked, the video was taken by Mr. Umesh to collect evidence against him, The torture and abuse of dog was going since 2 days. The dog attacked the accused in self defense, the accused Gani was repeatedly hitting the dog with steel pipe, so in self defense the dog attacked the accused.

The accused was with no fear challenging the complainant to shoot the video and he was showing his coward act by hitting the dog. Salim reached Kurar Police Station and met duty officer and senior inspector and explained the case, The police came immediately in action mode and got the accused to the police station. Salim confronted the accused as seen in video, and shamed him for his brutal act. The accused was handed over to police for further course of action on him. 

The FIR was registered under Maharashtra Police Act 119 (Special Lac). This is Mumbai, once again we will not tolerate any brutality towards animals.


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