Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Best Bus Driver get involved in Animal Cruelty: FIR Registered: Bhayander Police Station

An Accused named Manik Patil (Bus Conductor) in Bhayander hit the stray dog with cricket bat and threatened animal lover Mrs. Sandhya Tendulkar several times and abuse her for the same.

The animal cruelty and harassment to her by accused was not tolerable so she gave a call to Salim Charania (President of Pawa India) and explained him about it, the accused was present on the spot after performing animal cruelty, Salim Spoke to him on phone and gave him a warning not to do any cruelty further, the audio recording is available with this post. 
He understood what Salim spoke to him and he agreed to him, he went home and told about the conversation to his family, the family of the accused provoke him and all the members of his family including him went to Sandhaya’s House and started abusing her & her family.

Salim and the complainant decided to teach him a lesson of law, so next day Salim with complainant went to Police Station and met Senior Inspector, and explained about the incident, Senior cops called accused  to the police station,  The verbal arguments took place between Salim and Senior cops as the cops was expressing his personal view on dog’s barking.

The citizen and the authorities must understand that they have to follow law, if there is a protection given to animal by law, so it has to be respected, no one has the right to overrule law and express personal opinion, the beggars on road are hated by most of the people in India, but it does not mean that the beggars should be hit or killed, the law even protects them too, so as animals have their rights to live.

When a police official supports animal hater in front of animal lover, the story does not end it there; the cruelty keeps on increasing, as the animal hater is under impression that the cops had supported them in the police station, so they will support them too in future.  Supporting animal hater gives result in animal cruelty, thus Police is also responsible for the same.
I urge police officials that we and they have to follow the law, personal likes and dislikes should be ignored. 

After long arguments and continuous follow-up, finally the Fir was registered on 12/4/2017, under IPC 506, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA ACT. The Panchnama was carried out and the accused will be arrested soon  

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