Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Brave Act : 8 months Pregnant animal lover named ( Mrs. Mili Khakharia) chased dog killer on foot and caught, Fir filed against the accused with the help of Pawa India Team. (Mulund Police Station)

On 4th April 2016, late evening Mili came out of clinic after routine check-up with her doctor, she and her mother Sarla Khakharia  were happy to see the stray dogs playing in the society, but their happiness couldn’t last for long, they witnessed the sudden brutal incident that the accused named Piyush Hariya with his son sitting next to him entered the society in their car no. MH03 BW 4932, drove the car on the stray dog intentionally, killing the dog on the spot and ran away from the spot hiding it in to his building, the complex BPS Plaza has many buildings which has many turns and way to enter and exit. 

The security people with Mili Family shouted and asked the accused to stop the car, but he ignored and ran away, Mili chased the vehicle and figured out the building named Astha with the help of watchman where he resides, the accused with no fear or guilty went to his flat with his son and was behaving that as if nothing was happened.

Mili asked the security person to call him down, the accused came down, Mili and her mother confronted him, but his behaviour was shocking, he was not guilty conscious or any remorse on his face can be seen, in fact he was smoking and laughing, soon the building people created a mob and started threatening Mili and her mother, to which she strongly replied, the building people were arguing with them that take the dogs to your home, if you are so much worried about it, the accused was laughing and taunting like , it was just a dog, do whatever you want, so the nuisance was continuously going on of the society & accused, Mili even warned them that she will call police and the accused has to face the consequences of law, but they didn’t believe it to her and argued that the police will not come for any animal cruelty cases.

Mili called up police on phone and asked them to reach to the spot, Mili was not feeling well, her BP was high, she was feeling frustrated and angry, she called up Salim Charania President of Pawa India and asked him to help her as she could no longer wait, she needs to rush her again for check-up because of the traumatic incident.  

Salim immediately called up his activist Nisha A Suhanda who is the resident of Mulund, she follows each and every case on facebook and she is also the legal member of Pawa India. Salim put a con call with Mili and Nisha and explained the incident, Salim asked Nisha to rush to the spot and helped her with the legal procedures.

Nisha reached the spot in 10 minutes, and from there she took over the case, the team was formed Mili’s Mom, Mili’s Husband - Pinaki Mukherjee  and Nisha (Pawa India activist) to handle the case, Mili was released from there so that she can go with the check-up again.

Police arrived at the spot and Nisha handled the case very well with the guidance of Salim Charania, he was continuous on phone with her and send her the sample fir copies to file Fir, the accused was handed over to police and the FIR was registered under IPC 429, 279, MVA – 184, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA Act Section 11

The society member came to rescue the accused and was pressurising Nisha to take the case back, Nisha refused it and she gave Salim’s number to speak to him, The society people tried to convince Salim, But Salim did not agree to them and asked Nisha that if one more time, the accused laughed in front of you, slap him hard, rest he will manage. 

Nisha almost spent more than 15 hours on this case from filing FIR till Post Mortem.

Pawa India Salutes the heroes for the bravery act to Mili Khakharia who chased the accused and caught and Nisha (Pawa India Activist) for her intense and powerful help  

Thank you Mulund police Officers   

Mumbai Loksakta Newspaper 

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