Sunday, 28 May 2017

Successful Rescue : 3 lives saved in a day from a cruel society (Om Shivdham) Chembur

3 small kittens separated from mother cat by society watchman instructed by society people and were thrown in to thrash on main road, leaving it to die with hunger.

On 26th May 2017, Sayonee (daughter of Mrs.Rachna Ghai), the family complaint to Salim Charania about the 3 kittens missing from the society and the mother cat is crying for her kittens. There were no evidence of whereabouts the kittens. It was heard that someone threw the kittens in to thrash, but it could not be found there too.

Salim Charania who is a private investigator by profession reached the society and investigated the cruelty cases,  he met the secretary of the building named Mr. Chand and confirmed the incident and asked him to cooperate with his investigation.

The Secretary cooperated well and the CCTV was scan, the CCTV caught the incident that the watchman of the building named Tavdeh took the kittens from the society and dumped somewhere else, Tavde already left the duty as he was on night duty and his phone was not reachable, as per cctv footage, based on the judgement, Salim traced the location and with Ghai family and secretary the search operation was conducted in Trash area where local people dumps their wastage, within 15 minutes salim found 2 kittens and were rescued sucessfully , the one kitten was still missing, Salim left his contact numbers to neighbors who were garage people and asked him to contact him as soon as they find.

Salim called up Ms.Bimlesh an animal activist in chembur who also fights animal cruelty cases strongly, a team was formed and with Ghai family, The team approached Chembur Police Station and the incident was explained to the duty officer who cooperated well and with the help of cops, the watchman accused was picked up from his home and the statement of the team was taken and the accused too, the accused said that on the instruction of society people he dumped the kittens, Police requires additional investigation, as the society ladies are too involved, the statement was recorded and the fir will be registered as soon as the investigation gets complete.

The chairman of the building was not cooperative at the police station and he was speaking all irrelevant things, he was asked to shut his mouth by Salim and Bimlesh insulting him badly.

It was late midnight at 12:00, when salim and his team was still busy in investigation about the cruelty case, Salim received a call from the garage people that they found the 3rd kitten,  Sailm with his team met them and congratulate them for their efforts.

Finally all the kittens were found and are safe with mother cat, still the cruelty case can be filed under various act , Salim informed and updated the record with police, Soon Police will file case against the accused watchman including society people as per the investigation.

The few society people are involved in illegal activities, informed by neighboring society they will be exposed  and action will be taken if  the complainer will approach Salim for the same.  

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