Thursday, 27 July 2017

Pet Dog Killed By Using Battery Acid by Chotu Verma to take revenge from the family: Fir Registered : Agripada Police Station (Mahalaxmi)

One brutal incident took place on 22/07/2017, around 10:30 pm, an unknown person who was not exactly known at the time of incident, threw acid from the side of the cage, where the prince was kept by a pet parent near their house. The acid was too hard, Prince was severely injured and it was rushed to BSPCA hospital for treatment and admission, two days later on 25/07/2017, Prince parent got a call from BSPCA that their pet dog died due to major acid injury.

The whole family were depressed and were crying, they have adopted this dog from some one, and was with them since 4 months, the prince died at the age of 5 months. They have prepared the cage in the pic on 22/07/2017 to keep prince in the cage for few
hours and the same day the prince was attacked by dangerous acid.  The family had approached police station, but they were asked to get the medical and other evidences, then they approached  PFA NGO (People for animals) Mumbai and spoke to Ms. Niloufer Irani and narrated the incident to her. Upon hearing the case, Niloufer decided that this case requires investigation and the Fir should be registered at the earliest.

On 25/07/2017, Niloufer (PFA) called Salim Charania (private detective and president of Pawa India) and asked him to investigate and handle this case. The expenses and the service charge is paid by PFA to Salim for handling the case.

Salim with his activist Ms. Poonam Talkear went to the spot early morning at 8am, Rangwala building, Dhobi Ghat, Sath Rasta and investigated the crime scene and collected necessary evidences, while investigating the crime scene, it was revealed that a person named Chotu Verma is the prime accused in the crime and he did the act of crime by putting acid on a dog to take revenge from the family, he is also in to many petty business like selling car batteries etc. it was also revealed that the chemical used was actually battery acid, The family was not in good terms with Chotu as he was been involved in cheating, the family had  fought with Chotu Verma few months back, due to which Verma took revenge, thinking that there are no animal laws and he could easily get away with this, he committed the crime,  Chotu is the younger brother of the activist working in BJP.

Salim with Poonam and the family went to the police station, submitted necessary evidence and produced witness, the Fir was immediately registered under IPC 429 and PCA ACT, The act says Jail term up to 5 years or Fine or both. Salim helped police and the family to complete legal procedures of Fir and postmortem. Medical report of PM will be collected by police officials on 28/07/2017.

Police Fast Team Response is acting on this case, and investigating more further in this case, the accused will be arrested soon.  

There are more hints about the accused which were given to police, the witness identity is hidden for safety reasons. The accused was not present at the scene during investigation. 

The accused will deserve punishment for his brutal act soon 

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