Friday, 25 August 2017

Being Polite to Animal Abuser - It never works, Cruel Woman Booked for pushing innocent kitten to death bed : Navghar Police Station

" Keep the kitten at home and I am not responsible if the cat comes under the wheel", "Take whatever action you want, we don't have any problem" - These are the merciless words utter by the animal abuser : Ranjana and her Family to Salim Charania (Private Detective and Head of Pawa India)  Please hear the audio to know how selfish people are

The complainant and Animal Lover named Hina Upalkar & Nayna Malode called up Salim Charania and informed that they have witnessed a lady named Ranjana (Accused) who drove her bike on the innocent kitten, injuring kitten badly, the kitten is in Coma and fits occur regularly. Currently the kitten is serious &  admitted to Hospital.

The animal lover requested accused Ranjana to bear the cost and medical expenses of the kitten, but the accused ignored and failed to carry the responsibility of the kitten. 

When Salim spoke to accused and explained them about their crime, they still prefer to keep them away from paying the expenses of the kitten and asked him to take action on them.

The accused and her family underestimated Salim and it's NGO, thinking that they will not do any thing. Salim immediately called up her activist Poonam Talkear and asked her to file case immediately on them on 24/08/2017 midnight. Poonam with the complainer approach Navghar Police Station, Bhayander and explained the incident to the duty officer, initially police officials requested our activist to write an application, so that later they will investigate and file FIR, but Salim asked her activist not to write an application instead File an FIR, Salim Called up Senior Police Inspector (PI Ram Bhalsingh) and explained him the whole incident in details,  Police got convinced with the incident and asked his juniors to File an FIR against the accused and take action. 

Pawa India is once again thankful to Navghar Police Team Officers, with the good cooperation of Senior Inspector, the FIR is filed under IPC 429 with other relevant section.

IPC 429 says that - Jail term up to 5 years or fine or both. The accused did not took seriousness of the offence and being too over smart proved costly.

Now the accused has to fight long legal battle and face arrest.



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