Monday, 7 August 2017

Cruel Woman Booked for Pouring Hot Boiling Water on a Sleeping Stray Dog - Kurla Police Station

On 05/08/2017, Mrs. Shubhangi Ganjave resident of Nehru Nagar in Kurla (Mumbai) light the gas stove and prepared Hot Boiling Water to pour on a stray dog sleeping outside her home.

She poured hot boiling water almost full filled vessel container on a sleeping stray dog, the dog cried in pain too loudly and kept running and howling in pain. This is really a terrible and horrifying incident, can someone punish the dog so brutally that an accused can go ahead to any extent and burn the dog ? We are just imagining that what level she can go to remove her frustration.

if she can remove brutal frustration on an innocent stray dog, what will happen to the family members or the coming daughter in law in her home ?  Will she put her or any other family members on fire, due to frustration. The family should take her to a good doctor for her mental status.

An animal lover who does not wished to be named in this post, called up Salim Charania (Private Detective and President of Pawa India) and informed him about the cruel incident that he witnessed, as per him both the son Sourabh Ganjave  and the mother  Mrs. Shubhangi Ganjave were equally involved in the crime, but later his father confess that her wife was involved in pouring hot water on a dog. 

Salim asked her activist Poonam Talkear to handle this case and booked the accused for the crime committed, she went to Kurla Police Station and complained to the duty officer, the police called up the accused. Salim spoke to the officer and explained the incident to him too, Police cooperated and supported us and booked the accused under Maharashtra Police Act 119, she paid a fine of Rs 2500/ - Salim spoke to the accused husband and took a confession on record. Such evidences will help us in future if the family again gets involve in the crime. 

The purpose of preparing this post is to spread awareness to stop cruelty on animals, and to expose animal abuser of their crime. 

In his total commitment to nonviolence, Gandhi always included the animals, stating, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Service Charge & efforts taken towards attending case are paid by the complainer to our activist. 

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