Saturday, 2 September 2017

Karma Returns : Never Ever Dare to hit animals, if you Dare, Karma is waiting for you : Mumbai

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On 1st September 2017 Friday, Salim Charania (Private Detective) received a call from Mr. Prashant Kharat resident of Sahyadri Society, Rizvi Building, Near Kalina Church Santacruz East, Mumbai, that the stray dog was brutally beaten by bamboo by the another resident of the building culprit named : Mohammad Harun Khan.  Prashant and his family took the dog to the private clinic, after examining the dog, reports shows severe skull fracture with brain injury and the dog is admitted to BSPCA hospital, the dog is in critical condition. 

Prashant and his family is an animal lover and they used to feed and take care of the dog daily, the culprit for no reason & he purposely hit the dog brutally so hard on the head, that the dog fall unconscious leading it to immense pain, shock and fracture.

Salim received a cctv footage on the mobile and the same day he called up Karma Returns group to attend the case. The KR team went to the spot with the complainer and called police on control room, the police arrived but he was absconding from his place, police were called twice to search the culprit : Harun Khan, still he cannot be traced, after spending more than 5 hours, he was trapped and traced, The team confronted him and gave some vitamins. The four relatives of the culprit tried to stop us, but they failed and the culprit got what he deserves 

He was so afraid, that he cried and ran for his life towards police station : to his surprise, police were already waiting for him.

The Fir is registered under IPC 429 (it says Jail term up to 5 years or fine or both) and PCA Act Section 11.

Police took the accused in his custody and further processed the legal action on him. 

It proves too costly for him that it is heard that he was about to fly to internal country for a job, next week. He is now stuck with the legal case spoiling his future by committing crime that is brutal, shameless and the coward act.  

He faced karma, "YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE."

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