Monday, 4 December 2017

Meet this Animal Abuser - Sameer Saxena, Case Filed, Dog Recovered and Adopted : Sion Police Station

Watch the Video till end.

Sameer Saxena an animal abuser tied metal chain around the neck of the puppy and dragged the puppy forcefully from second floor to the ground floor of the building as seen in the footage, the puppy was resisting and trying to free it self but Sameer forcefully dragged him cruelly, knocking the puppy few times on the stair case with out any mercy and then he abandoned the dog to unknown place.

Salim Charania (private detective and president of Pawa India) received a complaint from Dr. Anuradha Shukla, she narrated the above incident, and asked him to attend the case, Salim got necessary details of the accused from her and started his investigation, Shukla family tried to convince Sameer  many times before to get the dog back, but he was not ready to get the dog back or reveal the location where he had abandoned the dog.

Salim initially tried to approach Sameer softly, just to know the location of the dog, but he started giving stupid excuses to not bring dog back and he tried to search the dog but could not get it. later he denied that he had not done the act. Such stupid statements anger Salim, he got harsh with him and threatened him to get the dog back (Hear the audio).

Salim formed a team and decided to teach him the lesson, he was absconding from his residential location, so Salim with MS. Bimlesh Navnani  approached first police station with the complainant Dr. Anuradha to get him, Senior Police of Sion police Station cooperated well and then after hard Efforts & Strong action of Dr. Anuradha Shukla, Sandeep Shukla, Salim Charania, Bimlesh Navnai & Police Team against Animal Abuser Sameer Saxena, The Dog is recovered back again from him. He had abandoned the dog to unknown place, the dog was brought back in an injured & unhealthy condition, necessary medical attention were taken care by Dr. Anuradha and the dog is given for adoption in a good family. 

Between the process of action, one of the family member of Sameer Saxena, who introduce herself to be an animal lover called up Salim, and requested him not to take the action, they will search the dog and will get the puppy back, same day, the puppy was back and was handed to police officials by the accused Sameer Saxena and the police officer handed over the dog to Dr. Anuradha Shukla.

Fresh complaint is filed in Sion Police Station by Pawa India to take action against the accused animal abuser Sameer Saxena under relevant section of Animal Cruelty. 

The dog is happy and it's adopted by a good Family. The puppy would have lost it's life, if the initiatives were not taken by Shukla Family. We really appreciate the Shukla Family that they stood strong and fought against animal cruelty. 


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