Sunday, 28 January 2018

Youth got the lesson learned for creating Public Nuisance & Harassment to Animal Lover

Society : Ratnadeep, Gorai 2, Mumbai -This society can tolerate human nuisance to any extent and can close their door when a member of the society drinks alcohol and bang the society gate late night at 2, who uses offensive language loudly. The society is happy to take all this nuisance happily but when a dog barks on drunker and unknown people who are stranger, they can't take it. The society make a group and boycott the family who looks after stray dog, and each and every day they plan something to torture the family of animal lover.

If this society is reading our post, we will make it one thing clear, we have a very strong evidence against your society and We have registered a complaint against your society for The Maharashtra Prohibition of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016, Public Nuisance, Insulting a Modesty of Women, & various other act, soon the investigation will start, let's see, who wins ? The majority of the society with goon attitude, political reference or Law.

Naresh Padwalkar and his family an animal lover in the society is being harassed and tortured in the society since years, because this family objected to the illegal construction in the society which was closing the ventilation of their house, since then the society keeps attacking this family whenever they gets opportunity, if they don't get, they purposely find reasons to fight with the family, so they are objecting to the welfare of animals, But now we are with Naresh family, all this year his family fought alone but due to lack of support they were not able to take action, this time we will support the family to win the fight and will make society realize that Majority is not authority, and hooliganism will not be tolerated anymore. we will take action soon for the society criminal act towards Naresh family and animals. 

Few days back, A youth Nitesh Pardesi an animal hater in the society, he came late night with friends and started his nuisance by banging the society gate and used offensive language, he made such attempt before too. He blamed dogs for his nuisance, the video in the post clearly shows who is the nuisance, the dog or himself, dog reacts when they are provoked, but this man was drunk and he wanted to prove that he is Boss in the society. 

We as a team - Salim, Bimlesh, Sonali & the complainant reach Borivali Police Station and explained the incident, the police officer heard us and called the accused, we confronted the accused Nitesh and he was sorry for his act of nuisance, his family is involved in the animal cruelty before which was not in the notification to us before.  This time it was must to punish the man for his act, He was punished in the police station with special vitamins where he cried a lot and asked for forgiveness. The reason of nuisance for this youth is his dad, he was drunk in the police station, when Salim asked him why he drinks so much, so in front of his child, he said "Peeneh Seh Takat Aati Hai", as soon as Salim heard this, he fired him in the police station and dragged him to the duty officer and asked the duty officer to take action on him as he is drunk in the police station. 

We are happy with the performance of police officer in police station, the officer honestly and sincerely cooperated us and took a very effective action on the whole family. 

We will keep continuing to support the family of animal lover and will get involve as and when require. 

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