Friday, 23 February 2018

Action taken on 6 Society Members for Animal Cruelty (Relocation) : Fir Registered : Accused Arrested

Group of society members think that they can do any crime towards animals assuming themselves as majority so they have authority to do anything. We have proved them wrong!!! that majority does not hold any authority, no one can go against the law, it does not matter where the society members are 6 or 600, all society members who get involved to conduct a meeting and commit  a crime against animals are criminals.

But even in the majority of the society, there are good families too ..who inform us about the crime and they stand for animals against society. One best example is Mrs. Deepali Mandavkar and her Husband Mr. Prashant.

On 17th January 2018, Mandavkar Family informed Pawa India Activist SONALI  GAUTAM WAGHMARE about the society members that they have been involved in relocation of 5 puppies brutally  and hitting mother dog with an intention to kill. The whole incident was witnessed n tried to stop by Madavkar Family, but society members did not stopped and they committed  the crime and went ahead with their majority crowd to perform animal cruelty.

Sonali an animal activist who is continuously on regular basis taking training for handling animal cruelty cases from Mr. SALIM  CHARANIA (Private Detective) had learned a lot and now she is equipped with smartness and knows how to deal with animal cruelty cases with carrying out investigation from collecting evidences like medical certificate, eye witness, secretly recording accused statements to book them. So under the guidance of Mr. Salim, Sonali approached society members (Accused) and smartly collected all the evidence against them as seen in video.

Rahul Lanke a primary accused who is involved in animal cruelty from hitting to relocation, denies the allegation and he spills out the names of the other accused (Society Members) Prabhakar Jagadale, Chetan Tatte, and other 3 accused involved in the crime, Luckily this was recorded on video by Sonali. This is how the other members were booked too for animal cruelty, Further investigation carried out by sonali also reveals the shocking cctv footage from GRAM  PANCHAYAT (Kasheli), the footage shows that Rahul is driving a bike and the other accused is carrying the puppies in the  gunny bag.

Rahul easily declared the other accused names involved in the crime but still he was not ready to show the location where the puppies were dumped. Sonali made a conference call with Rahul (accused) & Mr. Salim Charania so that the further investigation can be carried out. Salim fired Rahul for his act and warned him to show the location or else it will be a bad day for Rahul, finally after pressurizing him with dire consequences he showed the location of the puppies dumped, but he did not take any efforts to find out the puppies, It was all Sonali and Mandavkar families efforts to find the puppies, it took 3 days to bring them back from the jungle.  they got 4 puppies out of 5, and one found dead from the spot.

The society did not stop their nuisance here and they started harassing the  Mandavkar Family and called illegal meetings to fire and corner Mandavkar Family, in one of the meeting, the society members abused Mrs. Deepali and with confidence made a statement where is YOUR SONALI & SALIM of PAWA INDIA. 
" call them now to save you"

It was must to teach them a lesson because of their mindset of Majority doing crime against innocent and voiceless.  on 
31/1/2018, Salim formed a team with Sonali and Bimlesh Navani and approached Narpoli Police Station, there we spoke to the Senior Inspector about the incident and guided them with animal cruelty cases, as this was the first animal cruelty case filed in Narpoli Police Station. The Fir was filed under IPC 429, 504,506, 34, & PCA ACT 11 A, D & I.

Police team immediately went next day early morning 7am to the society building & arrested all the 6 accused involved in the crime for ANIMAL CRUELTY and ABUSING ANIMAL LOVER.

Never Ever, Ever Ever underestimate my activist or myself, SONALI & SALIM will be against you (Society Members) and will be with animal lover in the court, police station or crime spot. 

We are efficient in ALL manners to deal with crime and cruelty cases. Hence we have given introduction by taking LEGAL & STRONG action against society members , SO YOU KNOW NOW WHO IS SONALI & SALIM. This post is dedicated to society members of Building Cosmos Phase 2, Jaimata Di Complex, Kalher, Bhivandi. Hope the society members are reading it.   

I am proud of you SONALI  WAGHMARE  for investigation and the smart work done by you.
You will be one of the tough activists in the animal welfare.

Fir Copy 


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